Monday, July 14, 2008

The iPhoner

Calvin spent much of the weekend like this.....does it remind you of anything?

His version 1.0 iPhone has become a fun new toy because of the new applications you can put on it. Apps for list making, radio, twitter, weather and just about anything you can think of. There are even apps to make your iPhone look like a glass of beer or milk.

I've been waiting for months to inherit his old iPhone when the new ones came out. Then the buzz around them wasn't that great and Calvin was disappointed. My hopes and dreams of someday having my own iPhone slowly started to slip away. If he didn't get a new one...I would be stuck with my crappy Razr phone.

Then Saturday, he said we were going to get me a phone that day. We drove to the local AT&T store and there was a line. Only 40 phones left they said. We drove to Layton, they were sold out.

Last year, when Calvin got his phone, he ended up at The Apple store at 11:45 PM to buy it. So, we though that was our best bet. The kids and I went home for naps and he headed to Salt Lack City.

At the Apple Store....they told him that he had to buy it from an AT&T store since we were already AT&T customers. Then he stood in line after line through out SLC, and each time the store ran out. Then at the last store....they told him that they couldn't sell one to him today because we have a discount through Calvin's work. We would have to order it.

WHAT????? That is so stupid!

So I wait not so patiently for my new iPhone to arrive. That's right, I get the NEW one. Calvin wants to keep his old one.

Calvin's picture on the rock reminded me of this....


  1. Oh my gosh too funny! Im sorry you have to wait... BUT atleast you get one!

  2. Ha ha! It looks like Calvin's sitting on big fossilized dog turd!

  3. how exciting... I just purchased a new phone in december so I can't justify an upgrade right now. Unless I drop it in a puddle or something.. hmmm.

  4. Bobbi: Calvin did not appreciate your comment. He said...what am I going to do with you Olson girls and shook his head.

    Kelsey: YES! Thankgoodness I get one....eventually.

    Denise: Before you look for that puddle make sure you are eligible for an upgrade. Some people are having to pay full price $399 for the phone because of that.


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