Monday, July 14, 2008

Ogden Botanical Garden

Last weekend, I needed a subject for my Photo Class homework so I decided to take the family to The Ogden Botanical Garden. What you say? Ogden has a botanical garden? Yes, it is only 10 acres but they have one. I just recently learned about this place while researching parks for play dates.

It is a beautiful place and the view of the mountains is pretty great. I only saw part of the gardens because the sprinklers were on and you know what happens when you take a 2 year old near a sprinkler! I can't wait to go back and check it out further.

Here are some pictures. Click on the pics to see them in detail.

The Ogden River Parkway also runs past this garden and it is a great place to take a walk. And rock throwing was the favorite event of the day!


  1. Great pics!

    Looks like you're getting some spam. :(

  2. Beautiful pictures - I often wish I could take a photography class. I'm the unofficial photographer in the family (which is why I'm NEVER in any pictures). My pictures are okay for photo albums (that is if I ever got around to doing the albums) - but nothing I'd have professionally framed.

  3. You photography skills are really coming through in these pictures!

    They're beautiful!


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