Friday, July 25, 2008

Christmas in July!

I am a planner.

As much as I love surprises....I have to plan things. I can not just go by the seat of my pants and do things spur of the moment. Especially since having kids. I must prepare for everything that I possibly can. Calvin, on the other hand, likes to just take things day by day. He doesn't even like to plan for vacations. I don't know how he is a Virgo. {shakes head in disgust}

Every year around June 25....I start planning for Christmas. I like to draw our Secret Santa names with Calvin's family and start making gift lists and buying and making gifts. I have a master notebook with my lists and budgets and ideas in it. I also have a larger binder with tons of ideas for decorating and crafts. The method to my madness ( I have been called CRAZY) is that if I can have things figured out, purchased, made and organized before the big day....then I can better enjoy the holidays with my family. The plan is to reduce the stress by planning ahead.

I try to devote most of the day on the 25th of each month to working on Christmas related things. I listen to Christmas Music and if I have time....I watch a Christmas movie at the end of the day.

Every month on the 25th I am going to blog about my list and what I hope to accomplish. Hopefully this will also keep me on top of things and I hope I can be an inspiration for other's to plan their holidays.

Christmas in July List of Things to Do:

1. Organize Planning Notebook.

2. Create Gift Lists and Budget spreadsheets.

3. Add craft ideas to Master Christmas Binder and decide if Crafts deserve their own binder.

4. Find a support group for binder addiction.

5. Start thinking about gifts for family members.....add these to Gift Idea List.

6. Research Magic Elf that will be visiting the kids this year.

7. Watch Surviving Christmas starring Ben Affleck


  1. Please, please, please take the Hot Mormon Men calendar off your gift list for me!

    I'd enjoy a hot fireman calendar instead... or cowboys.. or Chippendales.. or Thunder from Down Under

  2. You ROCK! I always find myself wanting to be organized and thinking ahead, but I just cannot seem to do it! I think I may just use your idea of using the 25th of every month to prepare for xmas. Thanks for the great tip!

  3. Connie, you're awesome. Did you see my first blog post today? You might be proud. ;)

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. I have a binder for all decorating ideas too. I cut out pictures from magazines and put them in clear plastic sheet protectors in a binder.

    I always have a couple of notebooks going as well- full of to do lists, ideas, etc.

    I also categorize my "favorites" for when I run across something on the internet. And I use as well to store all my websites that I think may come in handy. And if I see a good idea that inspires me on flickr I always favorite it there too.

    There are more, but I may scare people... except you, of course. I suspect you and I are very alike.

  5. oh you brave woman. I love to browse and shop in the thick of it all, but I do most of my shopping online for my girls, for obvious reasons. Plus, that way I can avoid the junky toys and buy quality!

    Problem with me buying ahead is that I get super antsy and excited, I don't think I could keep them a secret for sooo long.

  6. Hands down...You're my hero.


  7. SQUEEE! You are my new best friend. I start in AUGUST! And if you're seriously looking for a group who shares your binder addiction? Go to NO KIDDING.

  8. Awe guys are making me blush!

    Andrea! Thanks for the tip on the FlyLady group!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!