Friday, July 18, 2008

Need MORE Starbucks!

I was all ready to turn over a new leaf here. Since it looks like we are going to be stuck staying in Utah for a while I was going to try to be more positive and find things to like about Utah.

I really was. I am not kidding. Stop rolling your eyes. I was. Really.

One of my major issues with Utah is the lack of Starbucks. When we moved here there was ONE and it wasn't even in Ogden, it is in Riverdale. And it was 10.6 miles away from me.

Well then, they put one in South Ogden and I got a little excited. THEN, they built one in Ogden. It is only 8.8 miles away. That is close in Utah terms.

Then today, I see the list. The list of stores that are being closed. I thought to myself that they couldn't possibly close any stores in Utah because there aren't that many to begin with.

I was wrong.

They are closing the Ogden Starbucks. The one that is right by the college. I can't believe they are doing this to me.

....stomping feet and pumping my fists in the air......

Now I know how my 2 year old feels when I take a prized possession away from him.

I guess my chances of getting a Starbucks in North Ogden are slim to none now.

Edited to add this funny clip!


  1. Bastards!! Don't they know that all the sinning non-mormons need Starbucks to put up with all the mormons!
    You should write a letter to're good at that, remember.

  2. I don't drink it, but there are 5 on the way to work for DH and there will soon only be 2! Crazy! Two of the three that are closing opened up within the last year!

  3. I am seriously in the mean reds right now. I think I will go there tomorrow to say goodbye.

    And I will be wearing all black.....

  4. You might not like this, but Starbucks is overrated. This comes from a tea loving woman, that has about 20 starbucks within a 5 mile radius of my home.

    Just think of the money you'll be saving, maybe you can use it to move to the best place to live in the USA!

  5. I have several (at least four) minutes from me. One is across the parking lot from one in a grocery store! Must be the lack of interest in Mormon-heavy Utah.
    But you have IKEA. ;)

  6. I don't drink coffee, but I lurve me some hot chocolate or even the occasional frozen carmel mocha from Starbucks. Luckily, we JUST got a Starbucks half a mile from me and its on my way to everything. I've been a good girl and only gone once with the husband. Once winter sets in, it will be a different story, though! Gosh, I am just rubbing it in here, aren't I?!

    When we lived in Idaho, there were NO Starbucks. At all. Not even in Idaho Falls- one of the biggest towns in Idaho. Not that 60,000 is big, but ya know.


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