Monday, January 2, 2012

What Are You Going To Do With Your Wife?

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Hello Friends!

I just spent three hours of my life watching the new Bachelor and Wife Swap. I posted my thoughts on Ben for your reading pleasure! Drinking game is coming soon!

I do want to talk about The Bachelor for a moment. I want to address the conflict between Monica and Jenna.

I was kind of rooting for Jenna from the beginning because she billed herself as a blogger and as of yet, we've never had a blogger on the show before. I thought to myself. Jenna will be my people.

Jenna is a whiney cry baby.

But I think in some circles that's what it takes to be a good/popular blogger. Please be advised that I have never read her blog and will not link to it here because I think that's what she wants us to do.


Monica. Reminds me of someone that wreaked havoc on my life.

Left me tell you about MY Monica.

I met her for the first time at a Bachelorette party for our dear friend who I'll call Denise, because that's what her name is. *Monica* sat across from me and gave me dirty looks all night. You see....I was the old best friend and she was the new best friend.

Fast forward two weeks to the wedding. I'm already having a bad day because my stupid (now ex) husband is running late. We have to drive 75 minutes to south Denver (from Greeley) to get his tux before the wedding AND we have to pick up my dress on Federal because it didn't fit when I went in for a fitting.

We get to the wedding and my dress still doesn't fit and I had to be sewn into it.

Fast forward 6 hours later and I'm trying to get my (now ex and drunk) husband to leave. I'm having a conversation with him and she is copying me behind my back. Keep in mind I've barely had any kind of conversation with HER. I ask her to stop and she mocks me.

Fast forward 2 months. My friend Denise tells me that they are hiring a receptionist where she works and I should apply and leave my stupid (now ex) husband. Only problem....*Monica* works there too.

I decide that I'd rather deal with immature stupid *Monica* than my stupid immature (now ex) husband and I apply for the job.

I get the job, and months later.....*Monica* and I become friends. Very good friends.

Fast forward three years, *Monica* is now my boss. We both join eHarmony and I meet the love of my life in two weeks. Note: *Monica* is still single to this very day.

Fast forward two more years. I'm married, my lovely husband has bought me a new Murano and a HOUSE and I've just announced that I'm pregnant.

*Monica* has me fired for my inability to get along with employees just two months after she's given me a glowing review and a raise.

What the heck is *Monica's* problem.  Was she jealous?  Immature?  Mentally Ill?

I say that she is/was all of these things.  And so is this Monica.  I also think they two of them are still on the show for ratings alone.

Also....I texted IA tonight during the show to tell her that I'd share tampons with her in California.  I don't think we'll be sharing a room anymore.....

As for Wife Swap?

I feel so badly for Carnie Wilson.  Her husband is a selfish a-hole and she is uninvolved in his and her children's lives.  Also....Aunt De De needs to work on her housekeeping because I would have walked out right after walking in.  Tracy Gold showed great courage staying in that house.


  1. Eharmony worked for you? I was on for 6 months and it took 3 before they found me even one match and he lived many states away!

    As for Wife Swap and bachelor...never seen the shows. But I like Tracy Gold

  2. Your friend *Monica* sounds like a big ugly bitch. I can only assume the ugly part since she's still single.

    M hates hates hates that I watch the Bachelor. But I caught him watching a little bit while he was brushing his teeth. Next week, I'll check out Wife Swap.

    Thanks for linking up!!! xoxo
    PS. I responded to your text. I'll share my captain, my clothes, makeup, but NEVER a tampon.

  3. I'm watching Bachelor RIGHT now... I'm already hooked damn it! LOL.
    I totally agree, Jenna is a big titty baby! She also is giving bloggers a bad name. DUH! Ooohhh how I love a good train wreck LOL.

    I didn't watch wife swap, but it looks interesting... hmmm I might have to give it a try.

  4. WOw how did you not slap Monica in her bitch face? She totally sounds like she deserved it. But I guess getting your happy ever after is a sweeter revenge! Good for you!

  5. um, tampons? Was that on the show? Cause if so, there is reason number 359 why I don't watch it.

    I like to stick to really important reality tv, like my Real Housewives girls - are you watch in BH?


  6. Are we picking roommates already?!? I just got my ticket!

    I'm not watching the bachelor, but I do like reading everyone's thoughts about it :) Keeps me informed so I can see the end!

    Monica sounds like a two-faced bitch. Hate them.

  7. Are we picking roommates already?!? I just got my ticket!

    I'm not watching the bachelor, but I do like reading everyone's thoughts about it :) Keeps me informed so I can see the end!

    Monica sounds like a two-faced bitch. Hate them.

  8. I watched Wife Swap and I wanted to slap Carnie's husband. He is an ass hat.

  9. Monica is a bully and Jenna is a victim. Those two types of people always find each other, and the results are disastrous. Right from Jenna's interview, you could tell she was unstable. That was a mess!

    It was an interesting show though! I didn't see Wife Swap yet. I want to!

  10. Okay, so you know I don't watch the show, BUT, I always love your re-caps. And your "friend" Monica, she sounds terrible! :( I've known a lot of "Monicas". Bad news.

  11. I can get you inside scoop on the bachelorette, you know, if you'd like...:-)

  12. You know I don't watch the show, but I LOVE reading your recaps. Can't wait for the season to really get rolling.

  13. I didn't watch the Bachelor last night, and girls like "Monica" are the reason I tend not to watch anymore. Bleh. Sorry you had to deal with a real-life "Monica"!!!

  14. Last night was my first time ever to watch The Bachelor. I was dying laughing the whole time. Those girls are ridiculous!!! I don't like Jenna or Monica or many of the other girls. I'm rooting for the horse girl, the girl who took her siblings in, and the girl with the son. I think those 3 are still around. But honestly...Jenna is WAY oversensitive. I was embarrassed for her because she did exactly what Monica wanted her to do. Monica is a MEAN girl, the passive aggressive kind. I can't imagine Ben wanted to keep either of them around. It's got to be for ratings.

  15. I have watched the Bachelor once. I do want to check out that celebrity wife swap.

  16. I don't watch either show, but I do have an ex with wife number 4..she is just was crazy..

    I met my current husband on, when it was still new...2000. I can say that now with a straight face..

  17. I'm skipping this season because I just don't think Ben is hot enough. Does this make me shallow?

    And I'm excited to hear about this Book Club thingy!

  18. Wow- your Monica was a total nut case and 100% jealous! Mocking you after she just barely met you and then the firing- yea that is low

  19. I hope I didn't offend you by posting about how much I HATE The Bachelor....We're friends even through our TV differences right?

    So looking forward to trying to share tampons with anyone while there or IA and I will cut you!

    Thanks for linking up!


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