Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Real Housewives of Pixie Hollow

My daughter got the Disney Fairies Tink's Pixie Cottage for Christmas from her California Grandparents.  By the way....when looking for a picture of this thing I saw that it's $49.99...insane!  This thing is a piece of crap.

She's been very excited to play with it every chance she gets and her favorite Tinkerbell Tea Party playmate is iKeith. He does a great Silvermist voice.

Yesterday, after the boys had gone to work and school...she asked me to play. 

The first thing I noticed is that Tink's legs don't bend so it's very difficult to get her to sit anywhere.

When you put her on the toilet that comes with the house.....she looks a little constipated.

What is with these tiny little tea cups?

Finally Tink and Silvermist figure out how to sit together on the swing.  But look....who is that passed out and naked in the background?

Hey Kyle...Have you seen Taylor?

It's like an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Rejected Titles for this post 

 Tink Takes a Crap
Even Pixies have to Poop
Barbie on a Binge
Drinking Tea is for Pixies 


I was not paid by anyone to write about the Pixie Cottage (obviously).


  1. I saw these photos come across Instagram yesterday and I laughed out loud at the potty one.

  2. Tink needs to learn to keep her legs closed...she looks like a skank!

  3. This was laugh out loud funny! The photo of Tink of the toilet was hysterical.. She definitely looks constipated.

  4. hahahahahahaha! Search engines are gonna have a field day with this post.

  5. Bah!! I was just noticing this about a few of my daughters princess toys. Bend at the KNEES, dolls!

  6. Tooooo funny! I may need to buy my niece this cottage. It looks like endless entertainment, and not just for the kiddies! haha!

  7. Oh man, little Tink looks like a whore with those spread legs...

  8. I laughed out loud at your disclaimer

  9. Well, obviously Barbie had a rough night with Ken. Why would they make a Tink have a toilet if she doesn't even bend? So, I guess she can't "Bend It Like Beckham" then. Too bad.

    I love your funniness!

  10. Oh my GOSH, this is HILARIOUS! And so are the comments!

    If this is anything like the stuff we get from my mother-in-law, you will not only have to put up with that constipated whore Tinkerbell, but you'll have to console your daughter when all the parts are broken or lost.

  11. Looks like Barbie had a few too many Appletini's on NYE!!!

  12. Hilarious! She really does have the most unladylike posture, doesn't she?

    That tiny teacup is too funny!

  13. Ms. Connie you are a funny FUN-NAY lady!

    I loved the rejectd titles & seriously why do they make dolls that can't bend for kids to play with them. DUH!!!

    OOOhhh & my sister in law got the girls the Disney Princess Talking Kitchen & it is the biggest P.O.S ever! The plastic is flimsy, cheap & was broken in 3 spots. So dumb!

  14. I literally just cried I laughed so hard. this made my day!!!

  15. HA to the LARIOUS! Poor Tink, Tink....

    Your eyes are so blue in that pic. Beautiful!

  16. You know my favorite - Hey Kyle, Where's Taylor????????????

    XOXO - I love that you can make me laugh before I have even had a cup of coffee!!


  17. I had to laugh at the first picture of Tink on the pink bench. The poor thing looks like she's straining to pass gas!

  18. loved the disclaimer at the end....awesome post

  19. Funny! But why put a toilet in a house with a doll that can't bend her legs?! ;o) And poor, poor Taylor! ha!

  20. I loved your disclaimer! You're hilarious! Looks like $50 of pure fun to me. Hopefully Tink is relieved soon. :)

  21. I am LOL'ing at this one. Tink does look really bad sitting there like that.


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