Monday, January 30, 2012

Bachelor Ben Drinking Game: Week 5

I'll admit. This week's drinking game is designed to get you naked wasted. I want all of you to be hung over with me tomorrow. WINNING!

Take a small sip of your drink when:

  • Someone complains about Courtney.
  • Courtney takes her clothes off.
  • Ben does something stupid.
  • Someone cries.
  • Someone risks their life on a date.
  • Someone threatens bodily harm. Finish your drink if it's Courtney.
  • If someone pretends to speak spanish. 
  • Someone says *winning*.

  • Someone laughs maniacally.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney.
  • Someone says the word *ball*

  • Ben wears white.
  • Someone talks about their *journey*.
  • Someone says they have a *connection* with Ben. 
  • Someone you don't like gets a rose.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney


  1. So we'll all be drunk by the end...I hate Courtney. I almost can't watch it because of her.

  2. Well, let me go on and get started NOW.

    I loathe her face.

    I should be ashamed that looking at her face honestly makes me furious.

    I should be more mature.


    And HERE goes the first sip.

  3. Just seeing you mention the word connection relative to that show makes me want to hurl.

  4. I'll be wasted. Good thing I'm just drinking boring water these days...

    So are you saying that Courtney the Crazy C*nt gets a flippin' rose???

  5. seriously this is my kind of way to watch the bachelor!

  6. Courtney is the biggest slut-bag!

  7. Love your Bachelor drinking games...I'm not a fan of the show but I feel like I watch it from reading your updates. :)

  8. Courtney freaks me the hell out. There will be a Lifetime movie about her one she went all psycho and killed half her neighborhood while they were sleeping and then ripped their heads off and verbally assaulted them...or maybe she'll rip their heads off and verbally assault them and THEN kill them. It's going to be a Lifetime Classic. It's like Sleeping With The Enemy playing out right before our very eyes.

    She's got some kind of spell on Ben. Kinda reminds me of Vienna and that gives me nightmares. I see fake boobs and crossed eyes in my sleep. It's so scary.

    I'm trying not to drink while I'm restricting my calories, but I want to play your damn Bachelor Drinking Game soooooo bad.


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