Monday, January 9, 2012

Bachelor Ben Drinking Game

Click HERE for the week 3 drinking game.

The Bachelor Ben Drinking Game for Week 2.

Take a drink when:

  • Courtney makes someone feel bad.
  • Jenna cries.
  • Monica hits on another girl.
  • A helicopter appears.
  • Anyone describes Ben as *hot*. 
  • Chris Harrison appears.
  • Anyone uses the word *drama
  • Someone complains about Courtney.
  • Anyone rides a cable car.
  • You see the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Anyone risks their life on a date. 
  • Anyone gets in a hot tub or pool.
  • Someone says *winning*
  • Someone threatens bodily harm.
  • Anyone mentions *the rest of my life
  • Ben wears a stupid costume.


  1. I've been such a slacker and I'm MORE than sorry.... I hope you didn't ditch me... .I wish I had time to watch the Bachelor-- I'm convinced he will never pick the girl I want so I try not to watch b/c then i'll get all shades of pissed when he skips away with the wrong girl. Then, they'll break up via US magazine and I'll be so mad. I love your dedication to the show-- you should ping that one guy who writes the inside scoop and team up. loved your post on the tinkerbell toy! haha!

  2. From what I know of the show- sounds like you will have alcohol poisoning by the end

  3. I wish they showed this on Hulu Plus :( I have to watch it on my laptop this season (cable is gone) so I will be a bit behind....thinking I won't even start watching until week 3.

  4. I haven't started watching yet tonight. Like to let the DVR get ahead a bit so I don't have to see commercials. But I have a feeling if I followed all of these rules I'd be drunk under the table before it ends! R and I have a deal that if anyone says "amazing" more than 10 times in one show, we turn it off.

  5. I'm doing this when I watch the DVR'd episodes. I will be wasted by NOON.

  6. OK, so I said I NEVER watch this, but after reading your drinking game, I decided to watch the last 15 minutes of the show tonight. I should have been drinking because, dang, Jenna had quite the meltdown over being rejected.

    But you would just feel sorry for me if I told you that I'm allergic to alcohol, especially after I told you what I did in my last comment about not being able to be with my husband for the past year!

    I think I need to start watching the show, just for laughs!

  7. You crack me up!!!! I'm just now watching. I have my WATER here with me to drink. Try not to be jealous!

  8. I haven't seen last night's episode yet, but I'm willing to bet I'd have alcohol poisoning before the two hours was up. ;o)

  9. Ok I've got some other ones to add:

    Anytime Ben says The Bachelorette awakened him, was humiliating/embarrassing or was life changing.

    When you see rolling hills.

    When someone is crying (I mean I know you've got when Jenna cries, but that can't last the whole season. By putting it to everyone, you're sure to get trashed by the end of each episode!)

    Love it!!!


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