Monday, January 16, 2012

Bachelor Ben Drinking Game: Week 3

If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

I'm listening to my San Fran Mixed Tape Playlist while making up this week's drinking game.  I went to San Francisco in June 2010 with my husband and I fell in love with the city.  I'm hoping at least one of these ladies feels that way about Ben by the end of this episode.

Take a sip of your drink when:

  • Blakeley forgets to wear a shirt under her blazer.
  • Ben gets laid leied.
  • A band appears.
  • Someone passes out at the rose ceremony.
  • Someone risks their life on a date.
  • Someone threatens bodily harm.
  • A former bachelorette vies for Ben's attention.
  • ABC buys fake snow.
  • Someone cries.
  • A cable car appears.
  • Anyone talks about going home. Finish your drink if she leaves!
  • Someone complains about Courtney. 


  1. You got the inside track! NO FAIR!

    Can you get us passes to After the Final Rose?

  2. I sure wish he was cuter,b/c then I might be more tempted to watch...

  3. I will take a shot of MT.Dew since I don't drink and get a caffeine buzzzzz!

  4. We should have a drinking game for every time Blakely opens her mouth. Or legs.

  5. You clarified sip this time! That was for me, wasn't it? ;o)

  6. if I drank every time Ben got any kind of laid {or leid} Tyler would have to carry me to bed ;)

  7. That Courtney is a plant, I tell ya!!! Either that, or she is a narcissistic psychopath....and that Blakely is one step behind her!!!

    I felt sorry for Shawntel (sp?) I wanted Ben to give her a chance!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!