Monday, January 9, 2012

The Power of Positive Thinking

Did you see the Bronco Game yesterday?

My throat still hurts this morning from all of the screaming and my glutes are screaming from all of the Tebowing!

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My children still look terrified of the excited, loud, fist pumping person that inhabited my body for four hours yesterday.

I felt really badly for iKeith because he was sick yesterday.  The cold that we all had over the holidays returned for him and he could barely talk when he left for the game.  He said he wasn't going to cheer to perserve what little bit of voice he had left.  Can you imagine NOT cheering during that game?

I had to give Keith a hard time because he went to the game convinced that they were going to lose.  I razzed him about positive thinking and being a glass half empty kind of guy.  He wouldn't budge.

I texted and tweeted him during the game gloating over my rightness.  When will this man learn that I'm always right? 

I was completely freaking out in the last 25 seconds of the game.  And then it went into overtime.  The new rules sounded like a recipe for failure.  I held my breath which resulted in being completely lightheaded when Tebow threw the ball, it was caught and ran in for a touchdown.


When iKeith got home we opened a bottle of Champagne and made a toast!

And now he believes.....

Coming this afternoon.  The Bachelor Ben Drinking Game for tonight!


  1. I'm probably missing something incredible by not being a football fan, but four hours?!?! Really?!?! I can barely watch a 30 minute sitcom. I think that would be too much for me. ;o) But congrats on your team's win!!!

  2. LOL Can't wait for the Bachelor!
    OMG the game was GREAT last night. I thought Denver might pull out a win then the Steelers tied...I thought it's anyone's game...then Denver pulls the win! Great game...I understand Tebow time now.

  3. I am totally out of the loop on this one.

    Don't hate me!!! But what on earth is Tebowing?


  4. I cheered the entire game- it was a GREAT one!

  5. Jesus is a Broncos fan! (...and if he isn't...he should be...) Just kidding, Jesus! I love Tebow, and I respect that he is not ashamed of Jesus or his faith. What a wonderful role model!!!

    Although I am happy that the Saints won on Saturday!!! Geaux Saints!

    I hope that Alabama wins tonight!!! Roll Tide~!

    Great post!

  6. That was a great game. I couldn't believe that last touchdown. It was perfection.

    Go Texans!!!

  7. And now you have to head to New England to face our Patriots :) Should be a great game!

  8. I can't believe my hubby didn't watch any football yesterday. I know my SIL in Colorado was excited on her FB post's yesterday.

  9. Yay for you! I don't understand and I don't really like Football, but I love that your team one! The "underdog" beats the Steelers! I know enough to know that I hate the Steelers. And the Cowboys.

  10. Is it wrong that I want to take his celibacy?

  11. Loved the game and love Tebow. I bet it was insane around your parts.

  12. Definitely a GREAT game!!!
    Seriously Becca doesn't know what Tebowing is? You are gonna have to teach her a thing or two... I think maybe a Vlog is in order :)

  13. Maybe Tebowing could be the new aerobic trend. Want to make a video?


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