Friday, August 22, 2008

Speaking of Musicals

I had the pleasure of sitting next a very nice older lady from Sandy last night. She told me that they had been up to Idaho on a little vacation and stayed at a really great Bed & Breakfast. I just googled it, like she told me to....and it is really cool!

All of the rooms have a theme, such as Persian Dream, Roman Bath, Victorian Suite, Secret Garden and Medieval Chamber. But the best room is called The Phantom's Lair and it is all about The Phantom of The Opera! I loved this musical and the movie so much! What a great idea for a room.

From the website....

  • A 100 square foot Theater Room all decked out in red velvet curtains, complete with the phantom's pipe organ, surround sound, sub-woofer, and more!
  • Christine's dressing room vanity with full length mirror (the one through which the Angel of Music sings to her).
  • Other special features that will be better experienced than talked about here. The Phantom"s Lair will be most appreciated by those who are familiar with and enjoy the Phantom of the Opera.
  • 10 foot ceilings
  • A King-sized bed with luxurious pillow top mattress
  • Imported hand-carved furniture
  • Air-jetted bathtub featuring chroma light therapy and optional aroma therapy
  • Large tiled shower
  • DISH network/TV/DVD and internet
  • Sound-proofing in walls, ceilings and floors
  • Lush wall to wall carpeting
  • Zoned central air conditioning and heating
  • A delicious breakfast
Click here to see pictures! This place is only 111 miles from me and I would love to sneak away to this place with my hubby!


  1. Hey, there is a great place like that in Logan and it's closer! :)

  2. Fun! Although, the phantom one might creep me out a little. It was kind of a dark musical.

  3. How fun!! DH and I stayed in a themed room (Morocco) on our honeymoon and it was great. I'd love the Phantom room!

  4. it's so easy to get to lava from your neck of the woods - it's I-15 all the way.


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