Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun Extravaganza ~ G

I decided to change up this whole 'letter of the day' plan. We are now doing letter of the week. This week was the letter G....lots of great things start with G. Girls, Gum, Green and Grass.

On Monday, we made frozen Grape pops. They were very refreshing on a hot summer day!

On Tuesday, we made some postcards from cereal and other boxes. Alex and Mallory colored on the back....we love sharing our artwork with our family!

On Wednesday, we went to Orton Park and Alex got pushed around by some kid (again). Not sure what is going on around here....but these kids need to be learning some manners! I'm getting ready to research and tour the private schools in the area because I do not want the kids going to public school with these hooligans. Homeschooling is looking really good to me.

On Thursday, I discovered that Alex is truly trying to ignore me. He tore pieces of a paper towel and stuffed them in his ears.

Friday, we went and had lunch with Daddy. We stopped and picked up burgers and shakes from Burger Bar in Roy and ate on a blanket outside of Daddy's office. Daddy loved showing us off to his co-workers.

Check it out....Daddy and Uncle Robert in twenty years!

On Saturday, we made Smores in the microwave and Alex and Daddy loved them so much that they told Mommy that they loved her very much!

This morning, we went to Lowe's Home Improvement store because Mommy needed more potting soil because someone keeps unpotting her plants. We checked out the new snow blowers and Daddy wished for one so he wouldn't have to break his back shoveling snow this year. Mommy commented that if we buy one, it will not snow. We discovered that Lowe's is a great place to entertain the kids' and it is free!

When we got home....Calvin found this on the driveway.

Supposedly, finding one of these is a sign of luck, a good omen. Unless of course, you are a bug or her husband.

** ** ** ** **

I am excited for this week....I am going on a Mommy Field Trip! Thursday night, I will be traveling to Bear Lake to see my wonderful friend Loralee perform in Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Pickleville Playhouse. She plays Muzzy Van Hossmere and I'm so excited to hear her sing!


  1. That's fabulous. I love the photos of the tissue in the ear and the baby on the equipment! (I see hardware in her future!)

    I'm totally stoked to see you again. The computer was down after my performance on Friday but I'm calling tomorrow to get your ticket! ;)

  2. Wow - can't you just skip a couple letters so I can copy your ideas?! Those grapes look wonderful. I love the post card idea (gonna try it on P week, I think). And the paper towel in ears is classic!

  3. I should start taking notes on your activities... The biggest thing my oldest did this weekend was go to a nearby bridge and throw sticks off of it. Although he thinks that's just as much fun as a trip to Disney Land - so I guess we have that going for us.

  4. Oh, you lucky duck you! I'm super jealous of you getting to see/hear Loralee sing.

    I too am stealing your cereal box idea! That is genius! My daughter is obsessed with mail, so she will be thrilled..

    Sounds like a FUN week! And I second you on the homeschooling sounding better and better, of course!

  5. I read somewhere that a letter per week is a good pace for them, so you are already on top of it! I think a letter a week is a good pace for us mommies too. I will be blatantly stealing the postcard idea too! Bella choked on a frozen grape once, so I may modify the grape idea and puree them first...

  6. Connie!! I SO remember you! How wonderful that you have kids so close in age, too! I'm bookmarking your blog for guidance on what the heck to do now...LOL!

  7. Wow! You guys are the busy crew. I should post on a week for us, it would be quite the laugh!

    That burger place looks yummy!


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