Sunday, August 10, 2008

A few changes...

After a lot of thought, I decided to become Master of my Domain. Get your mind out of the gutter. It means that my blog, the place where I come to share my life with friends and family all over the country would no longer operate under the blogspot free ride. I wanted to own my little piece of the internet.

So....when I decided to make this big leap and also buy some vibrating panties to make housework more interesting.....I discovered that there are lots of Chronicles out there in cyber space. And there is already a Weiss Chronicles.

I enlisted the help of my little Sister to come up with a brand new name for The Blog. We kicked around all kinds of names that had the word cherish, childhood and nuture in them. You know, words that evoked feelings of happiness and love. And I tried some that showed my love of the Mac. Most of these domain names were taken. Here are the ones that we came up with.

Dripping Sunshine
A Cherished Childhood
Stop Licking Your Sister
Pop Tarts & Poopy Pants

I had all but given up and was going to just go with Dripping Sunshine when Bobbi called me with the perfect Blog name that really reflects what is going on in my home and my life. It perfectly describes US!

The Young & The Relentless

So in the next few days you will see the name change and you will be directed to my brand new domain....where I am the Master!


  1. Hilarious. Great name. And I have to say - I actually titled my first post "Master of my Domain" for the same reason. Doing google searches for domain names is great entertainment. The "alternative options" that they give you for domain names that are taken are priceless!

  2. ok...i also want to know. how did you do it? how do you (purchase?) the website? how much is it?
    i am SO stupid when it comes to these things...but i'm at the point that i want to OWN all things coconutbelly. i don't want anyone else to steal it from that weird?

  3. Hi Jen!

    It is only $10 a year. I know exactly how you feel, that is why I thought I better get on the ball and make it mine!

    I will email you!

  4. Congratulations! I'm glad you didn't go with Dripping Sunshine- it sounds like something you get when you drink the local water on a tropical island or something...

    And also- I love the vibrating panties for housework- let me know how that goes. Isn't there the worry of electrical shock when you're cleaning showers and tubs? Do they come in water proof? What a great motivator! Great post.

  5. how exciting. EatPlayLove (dot) com was available when I started blogging, but some nutritionist or someone owns it now. Blogger it is for me!

    Love the name!

  6. That's great! I love the name too

  7. Love the new name. Congrats on staking your blog property!


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