Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Hobo Spiders

When we moved to Utah, someone put a flyer on my door alerting me to the danger of the Hobo Spider. It told about how dangerous they were and that they are venomous and their bite leaves a red blister that develops into a lesion that leaves a scar. It can take years for these to heal.

I was freaking out! I had a new baby and was pregnant and I had to be on the look out for these dangerous spiders. Keith told me that I was over-reacting and whoever left the flyer was just trying to scare me into hiring him.

Hobo Spider Nest

Every time I found a spider I would catch it and run to the internet to look at pictures. I am convinced that one time I did catch a Hobo Spider and I put it in a little Tupperware container and made Keith take it to work to show it to Utahn co-workers. No one could ever verify that it was or wasn't.

Hobo Spider Bite

I have lived in fear of every spider I see.

And very well I should. Our yard guy was just here to spray our lawn because we have grubs. He also does pest control applications and he brought to my attention that I have 18 Hobo Spider nests on the side of my house. They are in and above the landscape rocks that the kids play in all the time. It is a flipping (Mormon F word) miracle that the kids haven't been bit. Apparently, all of my praying to protect them have been working.....

While Jason was showing me the nests, three baby Hobo Spiders crawled out of the lawn and across the sidewalk. This the lawn that my kids play in every single

Jason just finished spraying for the spiders and I will now have it done every 3 months. It is the best $45 I will ever spend!

Now I need a freaking DRINK!!


  1. OMG!! I've been terrified of those as well. I'll be getting someone around here to check us out now.

  2. glad I live in Britain....nothing that scary here!!

    Jackie x

  3. That is creepy. We just have black jumping spiders EVERYWHERE this summer. I think they are pretty much harmless. I would freak out if we had those HOBOs!

  4. I would be worried, too.

    Good thing is around here, most spiders kill the nastier little critters - so I generally let the spiders live.

  5. I may not sleep now. That is horrendous. I have read about hobos before - because I am a total freak about spiders. HORRIBLE. Things are crawling on me. Going to get more wine. (very glad no one was bitten.)

  6. eew! I wonder if we have them, I am sure we do. we must.

  7. they are the WORST. i am also terrified of spiders - it's a true phobia. we have hobos at my house, but we also that spider that just LOOKS like a hobo.

    like i care what the difference is.


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