Monday, August 4, 2008

August: Fun Extravaganza ~ Day Four

The Letter of the Day is D....but our project for the day was to make some Jello. I decided a few days ago to do the letters in order without regard to what the activity was, even thought I loved when Beach day fell on B day and Corn on C day. Maybe next year I will plan better.

I'm finding that these activities and outings have been a lesson in trial and error. I am discovering that they aren't ready for some things. That is is always fun to try. Until you tell them they are going to cook something and they get all excited and then it only takes 5 minutes of preparation and then you have to refrigerate your treat and don't get to eat it immediately. Toddlers don't get that whole letting the Jello set thing. These two thought Jello only came in little plastic cups with lids that rip off.

So....again, there was some crying. And then Alex didn't like the homemade Jello. Mallory loved it.

We talked about words that start with D. Daddy, Dog, Duck, Donuts, Denver, Drunk and Dark. And my favorite word....Disappointment.

I got some disappointing news yesterday. It is about Denver. Most of you know that we moved to Utah from Denver and we were very happy there. We have many favorite restaurants but our favorite of all time is Maharaja. It is an Indian restaurant in Louisville and they have the best Indian food I have ever had. We compare all Indian food to this AND we got to know the owner really well. The other day, I asked Calvin....if we could only be in Denver for one day...what would you do and we both agreed that we would go to Maharaja and then we would go to The Yard House!

My Brother-in-law called on Sunday to ask Calvin for the address, even though he has an iPhone and could easily look it up himself. So anyway, he tried to go there and it is out of business! Gone. No more Maharaja. I am so sad.

Goodbye Maharaja! I loved you so.....


  1. That IS disappointing. I hate it when my favorite restaurants and shops close.

  2. What a bummer that your favorite place is closed. Too bad Alex didn't like the jell-o, looks like he had fun making it, though. :)

  3. Wait yourself a pretty minute. The maharaja is now in boulder on 28th street, next to REI.

    Trust me. It's got to be the same folks, it just opened in the last few months. You are talking about my neck of the woods here!


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