Monday, January 25, 2010

Things I Wanted To Tweet

Are you on twitter?  I've been addicted in love with twitter for quite a while now and because of that my phone is never far away from me because you never know when you will need to snap a picture and tell the world all your friends about it.

Saturday....Bobbi and I went shopping in Layton.  And I forgot my phone.  We were just a block or so away when I realized it and she offered to go back but I told her I'd be fine without it.  Famous last words.....

First of all, darling hubby tried to call me to tell me that they have built a new Chick-Fil-A in Ogden and he couldn't get ahold of me.  I'm thinking thoughts of me running away from home crossed his mind and then he called Bobbi's phone.

Next, I saw some hideous leggings that I would have liked to tweet about.  Bobbi and I tried on this ridiculous one piece sleeveless jumpsuit with rhinestones on the waist that made us look like Elvis impersonators.  We laughed until we cried!  The sales girl couldn't understand what we were laughing at.

Then...the best part of my day.  I purchased and fit into (tightly) size 12 jeans! I also bought a size 10 and a fabulous red top.  All on sale for low, low prices!  I was so excited and I was irritated that I couldn't tweet!

As I was paying for my purchases, a woman came up to my saleswoman and started telling her what she was looking for.  And then as she was handing me my bag and wishing me a good day...the woman interrupted again.  It was so incredibly rude and I wanted to tell that woman off....but I didn't.  I was in a great mood and I didn't want to have to kick this gals @ss in the middle of Macy's.  I wanted to tweet about her instead.....

At the food court, I managed to eat on plan by ordering a grilled chicken salad without dressing.  I was so proud of myself and wanted to tell my fitness twitter friends....but I couldn't.

Bobbi was entertained by making me try on these ridiculous headbands and taking pictures of me.  Again...something I would have tweeted if I could.

We went to one of my favorite stores and Bobbi climbed inside a bird cage!  I wanted to buy it for my home and call it The Naughty Cage.

Bobbi made me go to a farm and ranch store to look for feed for her horses and I would have LOVED to tweet some of the outfits that I saw....and the rubber chicken that I found.

After four hours, twitter withdrawal was setting in and I made her take me home.

Coming Wednesday....the story about The Greek.


  1. Isn't that how it always goes...when you have your phone you don't need it, but the second you leave it at home....

    how did we survive the 80s without them!

  2. LOL @ the birdcage. Who keeps a giant birdcage (except a zookeeper)? You are looking so thin! Good job eating well when there were many bad/delicious choices at the mall.

  3. LOL! Thanks for the laugh today!

  4. I need one of those naughty cages for my house. But, with my luck, Mads would lock Morris & Murphy in it.

  5. I just can't get into Twitter. I feel so lame.

  6. I just can't get in to Twitter so please please keep blogging this stuff, too, because the visuals I am getting are making me laugh my ass off!!! :-)

    Can't wait to hear about the Greek, me being Greek and all!!!

  7. Yay size 12! you look hot by the way mama!

  8. Yay -- I'm so excited for you Connie! Cute pictures! I want that naughty cage too - that would be awesome!!!

    I have the opposite problem with twitter - I can never think of anything exciting to tweet about:)


  9. I had such a hard time in London with only limited access to wifi. It's hard for others to understand the feeling, but I know exactly how you felt.

    Fun times! And congrats on all your hard work connie. you look awesome, it's just radiating from within.

  10. Me and Twitter just dont get along...cant seem to stick with it!

  11. You can totally tell you're lost weight! Great pics, thanks for sharing, if not as immediately as you could on twitter. ;)

  12. I just don't get Twitter...I mean unless I'm selling or promoting something, how can I use it????

  13. Big fun! And you had to go tweetless-- well, that won't happen again, will it?

    Love the bird cage!

  14. That cage is Grant-sized and I could've really used it yesterday! I will not Twitter and I will not watch the Bachelor.... so it looks like maybe we have 1 thing in common out of those two now.

  15. The Naughty cage!!!!!! HA HA!

  16. I love the naughty cage! We can't do "naught step" since no one takes it seriously and stays put - and if I try to monitor, the other two get into trouble and start a whole new naughty step rotation. I have to do time outs in their room (since I can lock the door) - but all that running up and down the stairs gets tedious. This cage could be the answer!

  17. I'm with Kristen... don't like Twitter, so PLEASE keep blogging about it, I love the photos, and wish you had told the lady off at Macy's.
    You look so wonderful, and are so happy that can fit into the size 12!
    I think you should have gotten the naughty cage, I would love to have seen the kids in it!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!