Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fatboy and Some Some

My kids love a new show called Fanboy and Chum Chum.  I've never purposely put it on for them but one day it happened to come on and Mallory was hooked.  Except that she didn't really know what the name was and she kept insisting that they watch Some Some.  I put every single show on that we have stored in the DVR and finally we figured out what she was talking about.  So...they've seen it a few more times by accident and I'd never watched it so I didn't know which character was who.

Scene: Dinner table

Mallory: Mommy, you are Chum Chum.

Me: Oh really?  Well...that must make Daddy Fatboy.

Calvin: His name is FANBOY.

Me: Really?  Opps, my bad.

Mallory: Daddy is FATBOY.

And that is how the show came to be renamed....FATBOY and SOME SOME.

By the way...Chum Chum is the FAT one.  Thanks Mallory.....


  1. That is too funny!! I haven't heard of that show - what channel is it on?? :)

  2. LOL, at least his name IS Chum Chum and not Fatboy!

  3. I just opened this post from my Reader, Red walked in and said, "Why you lookin' at Fanboy and Chum Chum, Mama?"

  4. Oh my gosh, so funny! I've never heard of it before. But I love how you had to search through all of the DVR'd shows to figure out what she was talking about. We have to play a guessing game with Saylor too.

    Love that she turned it into 'Fatboy' after you said it. So funny. And you're not 'chum chum' anymore, you shrinking lady!!

  5. Isaiah like that show too. They are pretty obnoxious! LOL. I think that must be a prerequisite for a kid's tv show these days...Rule #1 - Must be obnoxious...check! I love the "Fatboy and Some Some". Cute!

  6. My oldest started watching that show the other day and I made her change the channel..yuck!

  7. LOL! You didn't tell me about that!

  8. I have wondered about this show. Hayden always wants to watch it. If you say it is good, tomorrow he can watch. :)

  9. We watch far too much tv here - so I have lots of stories like that. I love "fatboy" - so funny.

  10. My kids love it too!! I was taping it for them and letting them watch one a night after we read books (incentive to hurry up, shower, pick up rooms, etc.) But they must not have many episodes of the show b/c they are all the same five or six episodes over and over again. I can only hear about "Frosty freeze-freeze" so many times before I go bonkers .... :o)))))

  11. Too cute... I remember my boys making up words. They are so funny when they are litte.
    I have never seen the show because my kids are all grown up. I am sure when Mallory said you were Some Some she meant it in the sweetest way!! :-)


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