Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peer Pressure or Why I Watched The Bachelor

I've buckled under the pressure.

PEER PRESSURE....I'm watching The Bachelor.

I tried to watch it on ABC yesterday but they were only showing the first hour and then someone told me it was three hours long and I thought OH NO....what have I done! In the meantime, I discovered the show Better Off Ted and laughed my butt off for a couple hours.  Have you seen this show?  It's awesome!

So...I went to my favorite gadget (Apple TV) and found that I can watch the entire season for the low, low price of $14.99. I wasted NO time charging Calvin's account for the charges.  If I turn up's because of this. Just kidding...he loves me.

I watched the second hour this morning and I think I'm too tired from being up half the night listening to my husband snore because I can't remember anything that happened.

I do have a couple favorites.....Corrie, Elizabeth (football girl), Kathryn (dressed up like a flight attendant), and Tenley (got the first impression rose).

I do not like....Christina (made Jake lay on the floor and play Airplane with her) and Michelle (bat shit crazy).

I was really surprised that Emily (Fit Model in the bright Green Dress) was sent home.

If you're curious about these ladies and want to see their pictures....Mama Kat did a great job of describing them HERE.

Well...that's all I have for today.

Did you watch?  What did you think?

In other news...have you made your family plan for January yet?  There's still time to join us and link up!


  1. I don't watch it, but I love reading recaps on blogs. It sounds like a real circus. How these women show their faces in public ever again is beyond me! From the pics I saw on Mama Kat's post, I chose Ali and Elizabeth as my tops picks.

  2. Connie!! For shame! How easily you cave! You're supposed to stay strong for me!

    That, and I cannot believe you actually PAYED MONEY to watch them. Why not watch it on the website the next day for free? Are you turning into Michelle?

    Lol, kidding. :)

  3. Nope no Bachelor for me....Never have, just cant see the fun in it

  4. YAY!!!! I am so glad you buckled under the peer pressure :) Amber, I'm going to work on you next! :) The Michelle girl (I only like her name!) is totally carrying the FREAK FLAG! and I think Gia is the trampy one that sleeps with a crew member and gets kicked off. My favorite is Ali who was sick and wearing the yellow dress and I also like Tenley and I think Elizabeth (football girl) who looks a lot like Meghan Fox! So glad you're watching! xoxo

  5. I will not be sucked into watching this.

  6. welcome to the bachelorhood cult! we're so glad to have you!!! that michelle girl is CUCKOO!! that chick is straight certifiable! but that one girl that rambled something about landing his plane on her strip....BAH!! hilarious! i'm SO excited for this season!

  7. I am so glad it worked and that you watched :) I didn't like Christina or Michelle either but you know the producers wanted them to stay for DRAMA :) I finally linked up for the January plan...sorry I am slow to the punch these days.

  8. Just say nooooooooooo!!

    I like your word too!!

    PS: I'm sick so that is why I'm not off "focusing" right now. :)

  9. Eek, I'm so glad you're watching. I only watch for the snarky recaps -- yours and Television Without Pity's.

  10. Oh, God, they sucked you in... NO!!
    I HATE reality TV, have never watched "The Bachelor" and NEVER will. You cannot suck me into it, nope, not gonna do it!
    Have a great weekend. :-)

  11. What a great resource!

  12. Oh those girls annoy the crap out of me. I can't watch - makes me gag.


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