Monday, January 18, 2010

Burning Questions

I like to keep a list of interesting ways that people have landed on The Young and The Relentless.  And if possible I like to answer the burning questions that cause people to google these things.  It's a bit of a public service that I like to provide to the world.

Jen Lancaster on Oprah
 I get at least 2 folks a day coming here to ask this question.  As you know, I love Jen Lancaster and I would love to see her on Oprah but I don't think she's going to be on for a while....but maybe when her new book comes out in May!  Here's an idea...let's all write to Oprah and ask her to have Jen would be super easy for Jen to run over there since she lives in Chicago.  Click HERE and fill out the form.

Lance Robertson Orange Jumpsuit

I didn't understand this one until I figured out that they were talking about DJ LANCE.  I'm not sure why he wears this...a more important question is...what's with the hat???

Relentless Crying 1 Year Old
  All crying is relentless as far as I'm concerned.  My favorite trick is distraction....especially if it's a cookie.  Most kids will stop crying for a cookie.
Did Byrson off Young and Restless play on family matters?
  Yes. And he was also friends with Michael Jackson.

Husband Tracker
  I've used the iPhone app called Loopt to track my husband but he was always at the same place (work) and I got bored and stopped tracking him.  But from previous past life experience...if your man goes to bars, make friends with the bartenders and tip them generously...they will tell you everything you need to know.
Loving an Engineer
  Where do I begin?  They don't get your jokes, they'd rather play World of Warcraft then make whoopee and the simplest things are difficult for them.  Buy lot's of pocket protectors and get yourself a WOW account.  Plus, if you can't sleep at night...ask them how work is going.
Reasons Why I Can't Sleep
  Hubby snoring, hubby wheezing, kids crying, too dark in the kids room, kid is scared, hubby makes too much noise peeing, I drank too much water before bed,  text from some BIL at 1am, dog barking, brain working overtime, Mormon's lighting fireworks.
Yo Gabba Gabba Doll makes my kid cry
  That's too bad.  That scary Mark makes my kid cry and what exactly is DJ Lance hiding behind that giant Boom Box?
Focus on the Family I like Jello
  You must be from Utah and I think you need to take a breath there and focus on one thing at a the family. I like Red Jello.
My second grade girls are being mean to the other girls
Ohhh....mean girls.  I don't like mean girls.  In my experience, mean girls are like this because they are insecure.  Plus, if they are popular...they love that other people will blindly follow them.  Can you find a common ground for all of the girls? I can't tolerate mean girls and I stay as far away from them as I can.  I've even been known to unfollow them on twitter.  If that doesn't work...give them cookies.


 In other news, I reached another milestone on my diet....I'm no longer OBESE!!  YAY!  Also, Bobbi (my sisterwife) started the diet last weekend and then quit this morning because she only lost 2 pounds all week. I'm bummed because it was nice to have someone doing this with me.

Are you planning to participate in Simple Mom's Bookclub? I'm so excited to read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families and I'm ordering my book today along with another book I just found out about....but I'll tell you about it after I get it.

What's for dinner this menu is up at my food blog and I'm doing great with my budget challenge!  Join us if your budget needs help.

Did you see the preview for The Bachelor on TV last night?  Tenley told Jake that she's PREGNANT!!  That will be the most dramatic season ever!  There's a pregnant gal on the show!


  1. You tracked your husband? I think it's funny that we can do that now (well, I can't, we don't have iphones). And I am a little creeped out that the kid with the weird hair on Family Matters was friends with MJ. My husband also bores me with work stories. I just hear "blah blah blah".

  2. OH.MY.GOSH!! Tenley is pregnant!!?? I totally just texted my cousin before I commented. lol

    This post was SO hilarious. I just love you girl, you totally crack me up.

    How do I track all of that? I'm totally clueless about keeping up with the stats on my blog, even though I use a couple different sites.

  3. I choked on some lettuce from laughing so hard while I was trying to eat lunch! HA HA thanks, girl!

  4. Sometimes the search things are so dang funny!

  5. I so have to do this! I have checked my site tracker a few times and just crack up over the searches that lead people to my blog!

  6. I didn't know there was a husband tracker! But mine doesn't have an iphone :( I like your advice about the bartender though - I'll have to remember that :)

    You Great post!

  7. AHHAHA! I may have to start watching the Bachelor so I can keep up!

  8. Tenley is pregnant?!?! Whoa.

    How in the world can you tell what people are looking up who find your blog? I've had some very strange locations showing up, but no idea why.

    Congrats on the weight-loss, that's awesome!!

  9. the things that people search for is always good for a laugh.

  10. Thanks for clearing up those burning search issues for us!! Great news about the weight loss - way to go!!!

  11. I'll totally track my kids...and yes they will all have cell phones with internet access in first grade. Nothing wrong with a little bit of luxury in their lives.

    My husband doesn't get my jokes either...and he's not engineer...he's just boring.

  12. I don't get a lot of google hits. I must not write about anything other people want to know about. :)

  13. Just told Oprah to put you on. Gotta dream...tee hee!

  14. HA! Love that you tracked your husband ;) As for all of the other tracking on your blog . . . do tell how! :)

  15. Loved it Connie! Where to start?? I am terribly afraid of Yo Gabba Gabba and won't let my kids watch it (they don't really want to). I can't believe that Bobbi only lost 2 pounds - that is so weird. Are you sure she wasn't sneaking Twinkies on the sly (just kidding Bobbi!).

    Will you just post a detailed synopsis of the 7 Habits book?? Please?? I have a phobia of non-fiction books. I am too into my smut-filled romance books -- it's my way of relaxing. Non-fiction makes me nervous, although I really want to know what that ones says. Can you do a synopsis like you do for The Bachelor. I feel like I know exactly what's going on without having to watch it!

    Have a great week - I hope you get some sleep!


  16. I just love how your mind works... You are so funny!
    I think the reasons you can't sleep are hysterical - my favorite, the mormons. Why, oh my heck, are they lighting fireworks?

    BTW, I so totally forgot to add you to a Blogger Buddie award that I wanted to and I am kicking myself, so I edited it this morning. Please forgive me and go pick up your award:

  17. seriously, you are HILL-arious!! I want to know hear the bartender story. You could write a movie for Lifetime!!

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I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!