Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Big Fat Greek Boyfriend: Part 1

It was September 2002 and I was just coming off my Summer of Love Tour.* I was tired of dating and started looking on again for someone more serious since the guys I was dating were only looking for a good time.  My username of Crazy Connie wasn't attracting the right kind of guy.  Then...all of a sudden, I got two good bites and both of them were engineers. They lived in opposite ends of Denver and the one north of me decided that I lived too far away.  So I ended up with The Greek.

His name was Stavros** Kournhouliotis and he was tall, thin but not terribly handsome.  We met at Starbucks the first time we met in person and I was so impressed with him.  He was 40, a professor at one of the local colleges and had a doctorate in Electrical Engineering.   I'd never dated a doctor before and he was soooo smart.  Being around him made me feel smarter.

Soon we were seeing each other a couple nights a week, he emailed me all the time and called me every night.  Finally, I'd found a guy that was really into me.  On our third date, he told me that he loved me and that he was afraid of losing me.  I thought it was so sweet but I didn't tell him I loved him...because had been 11 days or something.

He pursued me like no man has ever before.  I was fascinated by his stories about Greece and his life there.  He told me about how his parents had owned a very popular department store in Greece and that when he graduated they sold everything to move to the USA to give him the best education.  He went to CU and his family opened a dry cleaner which his parents had sold recently and were now retired.

I knew he lived in Lonetree*** but he hadn't taken me to his house yet, which I found odd.  That was until about 4 weeks into our relationship when he finally took me to his big, beautiful house. I was impressed by the size of it and couldn't figure out why a 40 year old bachelor needed such a large house.

HOLY COW...I found an identical house on his street for sale.  Even these people's furnishings are similar.  It gave me chills looking at the pictures. 

I walked in the door and I was greeted by Nikki and Angelo****.  His parents.  They immediately made me a Gyro and Baklava for dessert.  And then the question and answer portion of the evening began.  I was interrogated for three hours.   I could tell that they were less than thrilled that I'd been married before and that my parents were just working people (as were they) and that GASP...I had also never been to college.

And that was how I found out that my boyfriend was 40 and lived with his parents.  Of course, he spun it that they lived with him but was a bit of a shock.

To be continued...PART TWO

*Summer of Love 2002 ~ I dated THREE different guys and almost had a one night stand.
**Stavros~ in greek means umbilical cord still attached.
***Lonetree~ Southern Suburb of Denver and NOT where he really lived....but close.
****Nikki and Angel~ Not their real names....but close.


  1. Dood! Can't wait to read the rest. :)

  2. Is Calvin the other engineer that said you lived too far away?

    And I LOVE the last name you gave him, bwahahaha!!! Can't wait to hear more of this!

  3. I don't know...that's a pretty nice house. Maybe him living at home was not so bad...

    Oh wait...he was 40...nevermind!

  4. I can't wait to see where this goes!!!

  5. Ok this story was way too short and I don't want to wait!!!

  6. ummm. tell me that is not his real last name because it sounds like the Greek version of Cornholio.....please also tell me you know what that is from....

    either way, I totally look forward to how this all ends.....

  7. Connie! How can you leave a girl hangin' like that??? Wednesday? I have to wait a whole week to hear the rest of the story?

  8. Wow, 40... never married... and still lived at home with his parents. That sounds like quite the catch.

  9. I am SO into this story! Do we really have to wait until next wenesday?????

  10. Yeah!!! You wrote it. I can't wait to read more!!!

  11. He sounds a 40 year old virgin kind of way

  12. SO funny! My best friend in high school's name was Hratch and his family was from Armenia. Both his grandparents lived in their house, and then after college his brother got married and he and his wife moved in too. Maybe it's a culture thing!

    My friend Hratch lived at home until about 3 years ago he finally got married!


  13. Ooooohhh...You leave us hanging!! Can't wait to read the rest of the story!!!

  14. Love stories like this! I didn't even notice the last name until I saw another comment. I'll have to show that to my husband.

  15. I just wrote about meeting my hubby online too... and

    Look forward to browsing around your blog! :) Tanya

  16. So glad you listened to us and decided to tell us all about the Greek... You poor thing about the "interrogation". Can't wait to hear about the rest.


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