Friday, January 15, 2010

Praying for Constellation....

Still praying that President Obama keeps America in the latest version of the Space Race!  Here's a cool video of the progress.  It's short.....

And if this program gets cancelled....and all of Calvin's hard work and time away from our family is scrapped....I will be PISSED!


  1. Very cool video- you must be proud of Calvin!!


  2. Oh no! I hope that it doesn't get cancelled. (Great work)

  3. What a WAY COOL job! I'm hoping and praying that it doesn't get cancelled too!

  4. Wow! My girls were watching intently while the video played. So cool! Praying it doesn't get cancelled.

  5. I sure hope he doesn't cancel it either... it really is something we should put money into!
    I remember watching the Aries rocket launch from our balcony that day... It was AWESOME!
    Thanks Calvin for all your hard work!!

  6. I'm showing this video to the kidlets. The love space "stuff". (I are smart.)


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