Thursday, January 28, 2010

Making a Chore Chart

I have a bunch of little tins left over from Christmas when I was making advent calendars.  I'd been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do with them and all I could come up with was painting and decorating them.  Boring!

So...I asked the craftiest, most creative person that I know to help me out. Do you know Jen from Tatertots and Jello?  If you don' need to!  She passed along a great idea for a Chore Chart and I immediately two weeks later got started on it.

Everything is attached using velcro buttons, including the chores so that they can be switched out with new chores every couple weeks.  The tins on the left will include rewards for doing their chores (3 of of 5 times to start) all week.  One tin for each week that will be removed so that we know which week we're on. Friday nights at dinner we will open the tin and see what the reward is.

List of Chores
Pick up toys
Make Bed
Brush Teeth
Dishes in Sink
Clothes in hamper
Help in Kitchen
Clear/Set Table
Feed Pets

List of Rewards
Lunch at McDonalds Play Area
Going to a Movie
Out for Ice Cream
Children's Museum
Dinner at The Pie (our favorite Pizza joint)
A trip to Lowe's (they love that place)
Day Trip to Salt Lake City
Ride the Train
One toy from the toy store

Thanks for the great idea Jen!  UPDATE:  I made another one and you can buy it in my store.

I took a picture of my desk yesterday so you could see how I work....can you say multi-tasker?

I posted my before and after pictures on my fitness blog today!  

Coming Saturday....a guest post from my husband Calvin.  He will tell you everything you need to know about the iPad from Apple


  1. Huh...a chore chart. Why didn't I think of that. M is getting to the age where she does need to be responsible for a bit more around the house. Perhaps if there was some sort of reward involved it wouldn't require me repeat the same phrases over, and over, and over, and over and over again. LOL

  2. The ipad looks cool, but also like a giant ipod which is sort of weird.

  3. Cute chore chart!!

    Can't wait to hear what Calvin thinks abut the iPad!


  4. Have you been reading my mind? I have been meaning to research good chore chart ideas! This one is great!

    Can you explain more about how you used the tins? I can't tell what's inside of them. How are you attaching the rewards?

    Overall, I love it!! I just need more directions. :)

  5. Look at you, crafty Connie! I love that chore chart - what did you make it on? and can you believe Jen actually offered to remake a top for me? We have the same one and she redid hers - she is SO sweet!

    Can't wait to hear about the iPad :)

  6. That is so cute Connie, and I so need one! I checked out your other blog as well, your ass looks fine mama!

  7. So cute! Im working on a chore chart for my oldes too!

  8. Loving the chore chart idea - and yours turned out great!!

  9. You're so crafty! The iPad looks like the bomb and I want one! So, did Calvin get it already? Can't wait to read the guest post.

  10. hey connie!

    i've been lurking for awhile (since your picture was on jen lancaster's website forever ago, actually)... i always love checking up on you and seeing what's new! just wanted to drop in (finally) and say hi!


  11. You're so clever, the chart looks so cute!

  12. That chore chart is so great! I am going to have to figure something like this out. It is way past time for the older boys to be doing SOMETHING around the house to help!

  13. The chart is great! I need to make one of these. Of course, that means I'll probably get around to doing it sometime in 2011.

  14. That chore chart is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Jen is the best!

  15. What a terrific idea and I'm sure yhe kids will really be motivated by it... well done!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE the chore chart! Looks like you made it on a 12x12 scrap piece of paper, am I correct? I have been brainstorming this sort of project for over 2 months now and this is the best idea I've found so far! I saw it and immediately knew I would be lifting it. I have 2 boys and they thrive on direction like this. Just telling them, just don't work. hehe
    Did you use a cricut to make the chart? or I guess maybe I should ask you: How did you make this chart? I see a few others have also asked the same question. I'd love to know your process on this chart.

  17. So I didn't buy the advent calendar this year. How about a chore makin them???

  18. stopped over from muffin tin mom's post. love your simple yet effective chore chart!


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