Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bachelor: Road Trip

So...I watched The Bachelor live last night...instead of this morning because all of my other shows were repeats.  I tried to stay off twitter because I didn't want any spoilers but I caught a couple tweets from folks a time zone ahead of me and they confirmed what I was feeling.

Even The Pioneer Woman couldn't take it anymore.  I think last night's episode was the most boring ever.  I was yawning and couldn't wait for it to be over...I even folded 2 loads of laundry during the show...that's just how bored I was.

This week, the gals all head out in giant Gold RV's.  But not Jake he drives that stupid motorcycle.  I think they were trying to find a way to make him more manly, since he cries more than a contestant on The Biggest Loser.  Anyway, they are going on a road trip up the California Coast.  Luckily...all of the popular girls end up in one RV and Vienna and the rejects are in the other.

One on One Date:

They arrive at a vineyard and Jake arrives in a black flannel shirt.  He hands GIA a date card and tells her not to open it until he's driving away to go *get ready*.  Lucky girl the date card is actually for GIA and she gets ready....in stilettos.  The girl is from Manhattan and you just can't take the city out of a girl.

Jake returns in a RED flannel shirt.  And their date consists of running around a vineyard playing hide and seek, him carrying her like toddler and then playing spin the bottle.  What are they freakin 12?  Calvin sat down next to me during this part and he said that was ridiculous. They sit in front of a campfire (Gia's first...he popped her campfire cherry) and  Gia then says that their first kiss was the best of her life.  Seriously?  Must be a bunch of bad kissers in New York.

Gia tells Jake that she wants two kids, a baby from China and a pot bellied pig.  BEEP BEEP! (there isn't a door bell on a bus) Back at the RV camp, the group date card arrives and the two left are Ella and Kathryn who will be going on the two on one date.  Their bummed since ONE of them will be leaving during that date.

Gia gets the rose and Jake is surprised that a complex city girl could have fun in nature.  He calls her refreshing.....

Group Date:

They go to some sand dunes for buggy riding.  BORING! Bla, bla, bla they get dirty and then go to an Inn and get cleaned up for dinner.  They each get one on one time except they still don't show Jessie and Jake together.  Poor Ashleigh and Jake have NOTHING to talk about and he looks really uncomfortable as she wraps herself around him and tries to look sexy.

Ali asks him about the next rose ceremony during her precious one on one time and he looks annoyed and tells her he's not even thinking about it and just wants to be in the moment with her.

BEEP BEEP!  The next date card arrives from Chris Harrison....it says Two Girls, One Rose...one stays, one goes.  That Chris is so witty!  Tenley gets the rose!  Yay...I like her.

2 on 1 Date:

Ella and Kathryn have dinner in his cabin and Ella manipulates the conversation and Kathryn sits there drinking her wine and looking pissed.  When she finally gets some time with Jake he tells her how beautiful she is and that he gets lost in her eyes...she calls him out on ignoring her.  Ultimately...he thanks them for coming and sends them both home.  And then he burns the rose in the camp fire. How dramatic Jake!

Rose Ceremony:

We finally see Jessie and Jake together and she's telling him that Vienna isn't the right girl for him.  She says that she's self centered and a spoiled daddy's girl.

*Bobbi came home during the rose ceremony...having never watched the show before and didn't think Gia was very pretty.  I said, but she's a model.  Bobbi said, 'is she a FOOT model?' LOL!

Jake sends Jessie and Ashleigh home.  And tells the remaining ladies that they are going to San Francisco!


  1. Oh come on, how could you find Jake's tear filled rose ceremony boring ;) Is it really any wonder this guy has had troubles finding a girl?

  2. I don't watch it, but I like hearing everyone make fun of it. So Vienna is gone? She is the one I thought was the worst looking.

  3. I hate to admit it but I too was a little bored last night. I found all the "drama" so contrived. The fact that he went to ask Chris Harrison permission to send two girls away...PUH LEESE! That was so planned out, so was the burning of the rose. And I am sure he is being made to keep Vienna because that is the only drama that show has going but I am so done with that too. Ali is being a big BABY. I will stick with it because i am crazy like that but I agree that this season is not as much fun as seasons past :(

  4. I haven't watched the bachelor in quite a few seasons. So I cannot speak of the boredom that it might be. I am sorry for you though....my Mom loves that show. Stinks when a show doesn't deliver. :)

  5. I only started watching this season b/c of the clips where one of the girls was having a relationship with someone on the crew. I must be the only that loves this Batchelor! I love that he is sending the girls home at the drop of a hat. Of course, I tape the show on my DVR and fast-forward through all the sappy, kissing, ridiculous conversation parts. That is the only way I can make it through it anymore. And please ... he must be keeping Vienna for added drama. She is not pretty ... at all ... and acts so stupid around him. Yuck.


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