Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Sad Day...Goodbye Naka Bee.

The day that Alex was friends Anne and Kathy drove an hour to meet my son.  They brought him a beeny baby...a little bear dressed in blue jammies.  It was adorable!

As it turned out...Alex attached himself to a lamb puppet named Sam (i named him. I was sleep deprived. Sam the Lamb it is.) and never wanted anything to do with the little bear in the blue jammies.

Mallory was born and around her 9th month she became the mother to the bear.  She carried him everywhere and she loved him so.

I became concerned about keeping track of TWO lovies so I searched E.bay and found a second little bear in blue jammies.  My thinking was that I'd have a back up if anything ever happened to the original bear.  At this time, I also searched for a replacement Sam because if anything happened to him..we'd be in serious trouble because Alex is even more attached to Sam than Mallory was to her bear.

Turns out Sam was purchased at a Dollar Store and I could not find another one.  I now watch this lamb like a hawk.  I can't lose Sam!

Christmas 2008, the Elves came to visit and our little bear with the blue jammies was feeling neglected so he removed his clothes to draw attention to himself and from that day on he was know as

Naka Bee.  Naka=Naked....Bee=Bear.

Mallory...the sneaky little thing that she is soon discovered the extra Bear and became the mother of twins. She took them everywhere and had to have them to sleep at night.  The girl naka bee also lost her clothes and we were informed that she couldn't be a Naka Bee if she had jammies on.

Another little story...we were in a Hallmark in Milwaukee on vacation and she saw bigger bears in Blue Jammies on a shelf.  There were too of them and she insisted that we had to purchase them.  BOTH of them....they could not be separated.  She called them....Non-Naka Bees, and she's never removed their jammies.

2 Naka Bees and a NON Naka Bee

The kids have been really good about keeping track of their lovies until recently.  A few weeks ago, Girl Naka Bee was found outside of the apartment.  She had jumped over the railing! It was a miracle that we found her.

The other day...the kids watched a movie on Netflix called Aussie and Ted's Great Adventure. It's about a bear that gets lost and a dog that searches for it.  This should have been a premonition of what was going to happen.

Yesterday we lost Naka Bee for good. She went on a walk with us to find a letterbox and then she was with us when we went to the Lakewood Grill for lunch and that was the last time we saw her.  We drove back to look for her...but she's gone.

iKeith is concerned that Naka Bee is going to succumb to the fate of another lost toy named Lotso (from Toy Story 3) and will turn to a life of crime and turning tricks since we lost her in a bar and grill on Colfax.

Mallory is devastated and I can't stop crying.  I made this video...a Memorial to Naka Bee.


  1. Aw, I'm so sorry. I had a bear named Teddy. Actually I still have him. He's wrapped in plastic in my closet away from the kids.

    I've always kind of felt sad that the kids didn't have a lovie, but now I'm kind of not.

  2. Oh Gosh, this is so sad. I really hope Naka Bee miraculously turns up again.

  3. So, so sad!!! I hope you end up finding her in the car or somewhere!!

  4. Okay, seriously? Tears here.
    I hope you find her somehow. Somewhere.

  5. I hope she turns up somewhere! I'd be lying if I said I didnt tear up. So I wont.

  6. Wow! That got me all choked up, poor baby! As someone who had a lovey until they went to college (Cindy Dog), I can totally sympathize with her. I threw my first lovey out the window during a road trip when I was 2 (we were pulling a trailer in traffic in DC and I through big bird out the window over a bridge and yelled "fly big bird, fly") and then Cindy came into my life. I hope that the other bears can help fill the void.

  7. I'm a crier. I cry at those stupid cotton commercials so I will not be watching the video!

    I'm so sorry your baby is sad, I can only hope Naka Bee has not been forced to live her life "turning tricks".

  8. I'm so sorry! I'll be hoping for a miracle! It's got to be so hard to see Mallory so sad! Abby has a lovey. It's a blanket my mom had made for her and it's irreplaceable. She's been carrying it around since she's been able to... it's been through hell and back! I forgot to bring it one time on an overnight visit and she was heartbroken so now I keep tabs on that sucker!

  9. Oh my goodness, how sad! I can't imagine if Ezra lost ted.

  10. This is the first blog of the day and now I'm all kinds of sad. Boo.

    Poor Naka Bee. I hope he's enjoying a nice, warm new house with a new family. It's better than thinking the alternative...

  11. Poor Baby! How heartbreaking! This is not the first sad tale I have heard along these lines, which is why I have a strict Lovies Do Not Leave The House policy. Only on long overnight trips, and then I'm a nervous wreck keeping track of them all.

    Dadgum kids. Maybe Naka Bee found his (her?) way to a nice farm in Connecticut.

  12. Hopefully Naka Bee has found a loving home instead of wandering through town.

    And this is where I shamelessly admit that both of my lovies came to college with me.

  13. And now I'm crying over poor Naka Bear! :(

  14. Now my heart is breaking for her too. That is just sooooo sad.

  15. Truly heartbreaking! Maybe you could post a sign or two at/near the restaurant w/ a picture of Mallory and Naka Bee.

  16. Does she still have a Naka Bee? Weren't there two? I guess you never know, NB may return...

  17. Awwww...How sad for her. Hopefully it will turn up somewhere.

  18. AWE!!! Poor Naka-Bee. Poor Mallory. I'm so sad for her.

  19. Ian made me watch this 3 times and every time we got to iKeith and M he says "Da-da"?? Something i need to know?? :))

    On a serious note, we are so sad for you... Morganne who is almost 10 would be DEVASTATED if she lost her lovey.


  20. Oh No!!!! I am so sorry for her loss. :( Bummer.

  21. Poor Mallory, I feel so bad for her. I cannot imagine how she feels. I still have my teddy bear that my grandmother gave me the day I was born - a little worse for wearm, but completely loved.
    Give Mallory a hug for me.


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