Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waiting for Superman: Colorado Edition

Today...was a big day for us.

I turned in two (of three) applications for open school enrollment for Alex to attend Kindergarten this year.

Our neighborhood not acceptable. It has very poor test scores and a mandatory NON-Competitive 6th Grade Science Fair. No one wins. Everyone gets a participation ribbon. In our opinion...this is ridiculous. iKeith comes from a long line of Science Fair winners and we're not about to stop with this generation.

We are hoping for one of 40-70 possible spots at an excellent charter school. A school where a C is 79-84%. YAY for competition and grading performance! There are approximately 270 children applying to this school. A lottery will determine who gets in.

Because our chances aren't that great...we're also applying to two other schools within a few miles of our house that have excellent test scores. I'm excited about all of the possibilities.

Open Enrollment began this morning and goes until January 24. iKeith is laughing at me because I insisted on getting the applications in today...when it's a lottery system and when the application was turned in has no bearing on it getting selected. This man doesn't understand me at all!

I recorded my journey this morning...for your viewing pleasure. Yes, I do need a haircut.


  1. Omagosh. You are SO adorable!!! Okay, so I know what you are your head you're like, "Okay, I hope he gets in here or there or wherever...and I also wish he didn't have to go to school at all!"
    Here's hoping you get a number 1!!!

  2. You are cracking me up!

    Ok so is he currently in kindergarten and you're wanting a switch now that it's open enrollment or is he an upcoming kindergartner?

    I'm lucky, my schools are ranked in the top 10 of the state and our high school is in the top 10% of the nation. I'm not sure what I would do if I weren't...probably the same thin you're doing!

    Good luck!

  3. He'll be starting kindergarten in August.

    I just checked the rating of my elementary school back in my home town and it's only a 2. Worse than the school that Alex should be attending.

    That makes me so sad....

  4. I'm sure he'll get into a good school, and if he doesn't get in the one you want then you can always move him later.

  5. So fun to "see" you and "hear" you on your blog - makes me miss your vlogs!!!!!! Bring them back.

    Go Momma!!!


  6. YOU are adorable :) I think I'm going to quit blogging and just visit all my friends - I miss you!!! Anyway - GOOD LUCK! Although - it's only kindergarten, and surely you'll be moving at some point? Or are you in the neighborhood you want to stay in now? We live in such a small county, there's one HS and one MS and 3 ES's, but no choice - it's either public or private - thankfully they are good, so this is something I don't have to stress about. I hope Alex gets into a good one!

    Now - tell me you weren't holding the camera while driving??

  7. Best of Luck! OE was a nightmare for us for Kdg, but 1st grade was our lucky year. I never thought about how people are enrolling to 3 schools and what if they got into every one, there must be a decision deadline right? I filled out my OE form today for GL, online so it's done. Feb 2 is our notification day. of the neighborhood schools I can choose from is a math, science, and music focus school. I am sure their science fair kicks ass!

  8. I can't believe Alex is going to Kindergarten!!! I loved the video, you always make me laugh..."duty"...then you got me all choked up with the thought of him going to Kindergarten (made me think about Z in two years).... What pressure to have to apply and then wait and see......I hope he gets in to your top!

  9. Love your opening song! I hope you get into all of them so you get to pick your favorite. :)

  10. Fingers crossed he gets in the charter school!

  11. So...I just found out I have to register him at our HOME school by January that he has a spot just in case we don't get into any schools.

    I don't even want to entertain the idea.

  12. Good luck to you (and Alex, of course). And you have a cold, are up early but still got your hair all purty? Very impressive. No comment about the driving while videotaping. But it's nice to know we're both "venti"girls. I wish 'bucks made Big Gulps.

  13. I hope everything works out exactly like you hope, and I'll be waiting to see how it all turns out. Is there a plan if he does not get into any of the charters?

  14. Plan B is send him to the HOME school and supplement with home teaching ( as close to homeschooling as I'm going to get).

    My problem with that is that it's full day kindergarten and I was hoping to break him into school with half day. He's never been to preschool.

  15. Oh, you poor thing, I feel your anxiety. How wonderful that you get to apply to schools that you choose. I'll be crossing my fingers for your first choice. HUGS!!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!