Friday, January 21, 2011

Have you seen the TV Karts?

I ran to the store with the kids today because we were out of eggs and candy fruit.  We walked in the door to King Soopers and spotted three of these snazzy new TV Karts.  Normally...I dread the car carts.  They are clunky and hard to steer.  This Kart is different!

These Karts are perfect for the kid that just doesn't get enough TV time in during their day.  I kid.  The best thing about these Karts...besides the TV inside that plays a Disney Cartoon (without commercials) is that there are real locking doors that they can't open from the inside.  They are very easy to steer and fit into fairly tight spaces. The basket's held quite a bit of groceries...more than I was expecting!

They look pretty happy locked in there don't they?  They are transfixed by the cartoon that is playing and don't try to escape when you go past the bakery. My kids were so occupied that they didn't say a word the entire time.  It's also possible that I just couldn't hear them.  Same-Same.


There is a second screen on this Kart for you....the lucky person that gets to drive it.  During your shopping experience, the screen will light up with facts about random crap.    When you least expect it...a ad for some product will pop up.  These are perfect for the impulse shopper. 
And it appears you can join Facebook from this screen.  The only thing that would make this better would be if it played The Young and The Restless!

that is marker on her hand...not blood.

I don't know if the CabCo people planned this or not...but it is impossible for a child to reach the shelves from their little blue car jail.  Oh...I almost forgot to mention, there is a cup holder for your coffee!

Thank you Cabco!  You've made this Momma's shopping experience much more enjoyable!

**I was not compensated by Cabco for this post.  I'm just a Mom that didn't need a drink when she left the grocery store**

I found this Kart at the King Soopers at 1545 South Kipling in Lakewood.  They do not have them at the King Soopers at 7984 W Alameda Ave. 


  1. I haven't seen those. One of our store had a car that played songs ors something, but like I'm going to listen to that while I'm in the grocery store.

  2. Wow - those carts rock. We need to get those in our store STAT. I LOVED your last line - perfect and so true to some of my experiences with the kids.

  3. That would make for a much better shopping experience! ALL stores need one of those! Happy Shopping!

  4. Awesome! I wish we had these things. Lil' C almost jumped out of the seat the other day at the store. I am going to have to belt that child in....I'm off to have a drink from the memory of it all ;)

  5. HAhahaha. Loved the "It's also possible I didn't hear them. Same-same" section best. Was surprised to hear this thing has locking doors -- that's a lawsuit or child abandonment case waiting to happen. Same with the coffee cup holder. But my biggest concern is whether I could still cram my nearly six year old inside the thing.


  7. Ok...this is awesome but what the heck is King Soopers and Cabco? Is that like a Costco? We don't have them in Oklahoma but I think there is a definite need for them.

    You're funny. I like you.

  8. WHAT?! I'm pretty positive they won't be coming to our little grocery store anytime soon, but those are pretty cool! I completely avoid those car carts. They make my skin crawl just thinking of all the germs, plus the cart part is never big enough, and don't get me started on my inability to navigate them.

  9. Wow! I hope our stores get those cool carts. Grace loves to ride in the car carts.

  10. We have those at our various markets - but I they've lost their novelty. My children still jump out and climb on top of the car. So we're back to stuffing everyone in a shopping cart. Oh Trader Joe' I've missed you (tiny carts - can't even fit TWO kids in - let alone three)

  11. That is crazy. TV's in carts? I never heard of that.

    I don't take my kids shopping. I go at night or on the weekends. I just can't take it. I used to hate shopping, but now it's a chance to get out of the house and not have to deal with someone else's potty issues, so I actually look forward to it.

    It's The Glamorous Life over here.

  12. That rocks!! Send some to Texas...preferably the local HEB where Ian insists on a"boon" and Cookie every time we go!!!


  13. I'm in love with this cart. I even love the clunky regular car carts. When you have four kids to drag around the store, you'll do whatever it takes.

  14. I so wish our grocery store had a cart like that. It certainly would make life easier when it comes to taking Madaline to the store.

  15. Those are so cool - the thing made it for me was the cup holder!

  16. In the words of Mimi, that is AMAZEBALLS!

    I wish they would have had those when Isaiah was smaller.

    What will they come up with next?

    Did that just sound like my grandma?


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