Thursday, January 27, 2011

Need To Know

THIS is something I would have like to know about. The information that they would be paving the only exit out of my parking lot today very much pertains to ME...and not the info that people are taking pictures of dog poop with their cell phones. By the way, there is NOT an app for that. I checked.

My son's glasses are in and I can't go get them.

Plus, the fumes from the asphalt are choking us. I'm pissed!!


We escaped the apartment and walked to Starbucks. We saw this on the way...

Poop Patrol

It was one of HUNDREDS of turds in front of one of the apartment buildings in my complex.  I think it's pretty obvious who isn't cleaning up after their dog.

We did go for a lovely walk.  It's 58 degrees today!  We didn't even wear jackets! 


  1. That is just wrong. Too bad you can't take a cab and make them pay. bahahahaha

  2. I'm sorry....It really is crappy of them not to let you know - or at least give you a chance to move your car.

    But, on the other side...given that it's January - It's probably cold patch (my Dad makes asphalt for a living). You can't lay regular asphalt this time of year - It won't cure properly. Once they are done laying it you'll be able to drive on it.

  3. What is up with that place? That's crazy.

  4. Um, yeah. Kinda important information. What if there was an emergency?!

    What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is wrong with that apartment complex you live in?! They srsly need to get a frickin' clue!

  5. Bahahahaha! Dog turds. You took pics of DOG TURDS. Love it.
    And? You could be an Oregonian. 58 degrees? No rain? We are practically dressed for the tropics!! :)

  6. That is disgusting. The smell and the poop.

    And can I just say that I hope y'all don't have to live in this complex for very long.

  7. wow. i cannot believe that they didn't let anyone know. that is insane. how are people getting to work? what if there was an emergency?


  8. Ok. You need to find another apartment complex....QUICKLY. They are InSaNe.

  9. Seriously!! This is CRAZY!! Your complex sux!!!!!


  10. That walk sounds great. I'm looking out the window at PILES of snow. All I want to do is get the kids to the YMCA this morning (school is obviously closed) so I can feel like we're all doing something productive. Don't think my car is going to cooperate though...

  11. They should have given you SEVERAL notices far in advance - so glad you managed to escape the smells and noise!!

  12. All week I have been complaining on FB about my neighbors dogs getting past the "electric fence" and pooping all over my yard! It happened two years ago and because I am so not confrontational I picked it all up and threw it in the woods toward their house. This time around I am going over and telling them! Gross!!!

    Sorry you were stuck today, at least you have places to walk to! ;) and yay for 58 degrees!!!

  13. how annoying! Luckily you have an escape walking distance away, hope you didn't step in any doggie landmines!

  14. Oh, jeez. I thought they only did this crap in Muscat. We went to the store one day and came home to a 2-foot-wide trench running the length of our street, blocking everyone in their driveways. If I hadn't gone to the store that day I would have been SCREWED.

    The picture of the starbucks cup on your walk is awesome. It looks like we're riding shotgun on your forehead.


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