Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rob's Christmas Party & Other Crap


Not much going on here.  Just counting down the days until I get to feed my father in law and watch him get drunk Christmas.

We didn't get to see Elvis at the apartment complex Christmas Party.  iKeith was working late and then I had to go out with Robert to get the goodies for his Christmas/Open House/Housewarming party the next night.  We had a great time shopping and I loved spending his money!

Rob's New Friend

The party was a huge success and I think everyone went home tipsy happy! Do you think we had enough booze selections?


I had a blast planning the party, food and drinks.  We had three different kinds of wine, seven kinds of beer, sushi, meatballs, little quiches, tortilla roll ups, pigs in a blanket and three different kinds of cheese with crackers. The dessert table had Christmas Cookies and Tiramisu made by Robert.  I assisted Rob during the party by replenishing food, filling glasses and taking people's coats. It was exhausting! Here is Rob's couch that I helped pick out!

I'm not sure if this will be a career path for me because I decided my fee is $10,000 per party.  Also, my kids missed me desperately during the time I was away. It broke my heart and convinced me I'm right where I'm supposed to be.


My Children...have no desire to talk to Santa.  They don't want to see him, write him a letter, text him, email him or tweet him.  They could care less.  In other news...they love baby Jesus and keep moving him all over the house. I think we'll celebrate Hanukkah next year.  HOLY GOSH...I just spelled Hanukkah correctly.


I went to the mall yesterday because I had to have a pair of dress pants to wear to iKeith's Christmas Party tonight.  We will be partying like rock stars in a suite at the Pepsi Center during an Avalanche game!  I'm super excited! 

While at the mall, we ate Subway (EAT FRESH) at the food court and I noticed the kids were making funny faces.  Mallory finally did this and said LOSER.  I turned around to see some teenagers making faces at my kids.

I think she's been watching too much GLEE. 


Do you have an iPhone?  Do you notice that Apple is messing with you and making words change to silly words that you're not trying to spell.  Well, there's a whole website devoted to these mistakes now.  Damn You Auto Correct.  This one is my favorite:

Hmmm....looks like I had more to say than I thought I did.  If you're totally bored and miss me posting every single day...check out the box at the top of the blog called REVERB.  I've been pretty good about keeping up with the prompts.  I got a little behind over the weekend when I took a three day computer break but I'm catching up now.


  1. Great selection of booze and the couch looks perfect! You're an awesome hostess, Connie!

    Mallory is too funny!

  2. Wow, I totally want to come to one of your parties. Awesome job.

  3. I hate auto correct too!! It's constantly guessing the wrong words.

    Nice job party planning! I think you totally deserve the $10,000.

  4. Auto Correct IS THE WHORE! lol
    Seriously, that house is amazing. You should do that for a living, it looks GORGEOUS!!
    Who's the creepster with iKeith up there?? lol

  5. Great job with the party, it sounds like it was fun. I love spending other peoples money ;) We "celebrated" Hanukkah this year and I now think that Z thinks he is Jewish :) In the middle of our sleigh ride to see Santa the other night he burst out into "Dreidel". too funny!

  6. Looks like you had a really nice selection of drinks for everyone. The couch is beautiful, you can tell Robert has NO kids.
    I think next time I have a party, I'll have you come here & help me.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!