Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top Ten Photos of 2010


For today, Jade would like to see my top ten favorite pictures of 2010.  I take so many pictures that it was hard to pick....and I have a million pictures of my daughter.  Not that many of my son.  Hmmmm.....

Me and my sweetheart!
Alex on his 4th birthday
My Dear Friend Sara's Baby Boy
My Little Super Model

At a friends birthday party!
Her First Lip Gloss

Clothes GONE! Couldn't tell them apart....

Adventure Walk with Alex
Just a couple mannequins....
Fun at the park

Only one of these pictures was taken with my Canon Rebel....the rest were taken with my iPhone!


  1. So many awesome memories from UT! I actually miss it a little.

    Your kids crack me up...they are so cute and expressive.

  2. Love 'em all, but that one with M and her lipgloss is priceless!!

  3. I love all of your pictures!
    Especially the naked Raggedy's! :)

  4. The look on A's face at the party is priceless!

  5. The first one of you two is one of my favorites! Great shots - can't believe your iPhone did most of that! :)

  6. Love them all but raggedy Ann and Andy has me in stitches :)

  7. Love these pictures - I remember most of them too!!


  8. the naked dolls still crack me up!

  9. Ok now I want to have an Oscar party :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of Alex - I really see you in him in that one!

  10. Hipstamatic, baby! You did it proud. Great shots, and man, you have a lovely family.

  11. They are all fantastic, but I have no idea how you pick 10. I've seen so many of your photos and you take wonderful pictures. I love the ones from your daughter's b-day party with all the ladybugs. Not to mention the gorgeous winter shots you took of the mountains.
    Anyhoo... they are all great and the memories behind them make them all the more beautiful!

  12. I love them!! iPhones really take great pictures. I use mine frequently. It's more handy than the Rebel. That first one of Alex is so precious!


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