Friday, December 3, 2010

Top Ten Lessons I've Learned in 2010


Today Jade wants to know what I’ve learnt… what lessons did you learn this year?

Top Ten Lessons Connie Learned This Year

1. Losing weight is hard...and if you don't deal with the emotional reasons'll gain it back.

2.  Sometimes, helping people just gives them an excuse not to help themselves.

3. I'm not a dog person.

4. Getting what you want requires action....and a twitter account.

5. Children grow up and there's nothing you can do about it.

6. I can't live without coffee.

7. It's always darkest before the dawn.

8. Blood is not thicker than Vodka.

9. 90 percent attitude.

10. I have everything I need.


  1. Great post!

    I can't live without coffee either, nor am I a dog person - due to allergies.

    Happiness is at least 90% attitude, you have to find the positive aspects in everything.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Number 10 has been a big thing I learned this year! great list ;)

  3. Awesome list! #9 is great and so true!!

  4. Great list Connie! I've been trying to deal with #1 for years... Hope to figure it out someday soon.

  5. Great post! I'm not a dog person either, I love cats! I need my morning coffee to start making sense of work, and I love what you said about happiness - now that I think of it, it's so true!

  6. At leat you ended on a good note. The wife and I just took the twitter plunge...what is your twitter name or whatever they are called

    What did you think about the songs i sent you the other day

  7. You have learned a lot.

    I think that I can read between the lines about #8 and that makes me happy for you.

  8. 2010 has left you wiser...that's for sure! I love the list.

  9. I think no 10 was probably the most important lesson. I don't even want to try to think about what I've learned this year.

  10. Number 10 is something I learned too..for sure!

    And number 1 I learned a couple years ago

  11. Number 1. My nemesis.
    Number 10. I heard knows this. My brain gets confused.
    And. If you're not a dog person, are you a cat person? please say no please say no please say no
    Got your card! SO FUNNY AND CUTE!!!

  12. Totally agree, especially about the weight and twitter. If only I spent the same effort on losing weight as I do tweeting...

  13. Not a dog person? Oh, say it isn't so!

  14. darkest before the dawn....

    funny, I have heard that 3 times since I saw it on PP last week....I have never heard it before then.....

    What a great reflection for you.



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