Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Favorite Outfit

My husband....loves tights on women. You would think because I know this that I'd wear them all the time but I don't need that kind of trouble. I'd never get anything done because he'd be all over me all the time.

Yesterday, I was Christmas Shopping at Target (by myself) and as I was leaving the building the woman ahead of me had on the most adorable outfit! I chased her across the parking lot trying to take a picture of her but she was walking super fast. I guess her boots where made for walking.

All day...I couldn't stop thinking about that outfit and I decided to try and put one together for myself. Here's what I came up with. What do you think?

Worthington Scallop Tights $7

Liz Claiborne Plaid Skirt $37.50

Silk & Cashmere Tie-belt V-neck Sweater $39

Nine West Charisma Boots $143

Guess Giny Frame Clutch $35

Silver Skinny Belt with Crystals Buckle $20.70


  1. Very nice job - I can totally see you rocking that look! :)

  2. I think as soon as you put that on your hubby is going to make you late for where ever you're off to!

  3. I think if you wore that, you would pass hawt and be nuclear. Probably you'd stop traffic and have men starting brawls in the street behind you.

    The tights, in particular, say "let's go, big boy."

  4. Very, very cute. I love a plaid skirt with tights and boots.

  5. Adorable! I am in desperate need of a new wardrobe. But I'm thinkin' that's gonna have to wait until I'm not pregnant anymore ;)

  6. Very cute!
    And only a man can really appreciate tights. OY.

  7. LOVE it! Totally want those tights.

  8. VERY nice! Love the boots :) Wish mine had a chunky heel like that & not so spiky. I just saw Lindsay's WIWW post - I really need to work on myself :) lol!

  9. You're cracking me up about the tights.

    The outfit is adorable!! I love it! I hate when I see someone in a cute outfit (usually in a magazine) and try to duplicate it on myself only to find out that it doesn't look very nice on a chubby girl. #ivegottaloseweight

  10. Very very cute!! Next time, just yell at her to stop- who doesn't like to get a compliment on a great outfit they are wearing???


  11. I like the tights, but I think that in order to really make a statement with them, I'd pair them with a non-patterned skirt. I love the skirt, too, but I think the cuteness of wearing both at the same time would compete and be overwhelming.

  12. Love that skirt!!! I have told Scott that I want to get out of wearing jeans everyday and dress up like they did in the 50's. He is all for it but everyday I somehow end up back in Jeans and a sweater :) Maybe if I had money to shop, things would be different, or maybe if Lil Connie didn't rub her snots on me ;)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!