Thursday, December 2, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: Week 1

Countdown to Christmas

Our elves...Vincent and Poe arrived yesterday!  (Click HERE to read about last year's first week with the's hilarious!) Santa drops them off everyone year on December 1st so that they can keep a close eye on what's going on here.  I kind of dropped the ball and forgot to inform Santa that we'd moved to Colorado so I send him a quick email the other day.  The kids were upset with me that I'd let this detail slip by.

The kids had been up for about an hour...watching TV on the couch when I told them to hurry to the kitchen because I found something!  The Advent Box! 

 I told them if it was here...then the elves must be too!  Mallory ran to the living room and spotted them right away in their sled.  The were so excited that Alex exclaimed OH MY HECK!

I'm sad to report that Mallory has already found herself on the naughty list.  She threw away a MEGAMIND toy that belongs to Alex because she lost hers and she decided if she can't have one then he can't either.  And then...she stole candy out of the Advent Box.  Now there will be no candy on December 16 and the 20th.  Little stinker.

I've got all kinds of activities planned for this month!  One of the great things about living in Denver is that there is tons of stuff to do.  This Friday night...we're going to the Parade of Lights!  The last time I attended the parade was in 1986.  I hope the kids love it as much as I did.

What have you got planned for this month? Find out what Liz and her family are doing here!

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  1. Our Elf (Jackson) is busy keeping watch here is doing SQUAT for good behavior around here, but Hannah just loves looking for him every morning. 23 days!! :)

  2. Love the Jib Jab! Such cuties! :) Sounds like you have some lovely activities planned! And I love that the elves are back. I meant to "ask Santa" for some elves of our own, but I'm a little late, oops.

  3. Haha! Jib Jab is awesome.
    I hear our elf is en route. I can't wait to see the kids try to send him home.

  4. We got an elf this year too and Baby Girl is totally into it, but I'm not sure Bud gets it yet. He did think it was funny that Dobby was sitting on the plate rack this morning.

  5. LOL about Mallory stealing candy already! We didn't do a countdown with Abby until last year when she was 5. I'm sure it would be hard to understand NOT to peek into the next days. Too funny!

  6. So cute...sounds like your house if full of fun like ours!! Love the pictures!~

  7. That advent box is adorable! Did you make it or buy it?

  8. That Mallory is a girl after my own heart... why wait for the day, when the candy is just sitting in that box... way too much temptation for me mom! LOL!

    We don't have Elves either, my bad! But we do have the advent box and I have already been scolded by my 4 yrs old for neglecting to put candy in it. My 2 yr old has sticky fingers, and does not understand the words "do not touch". We've had many train derailments, and incidents with ornaments. He is not to be trusted!

  9. Yay, for the elves! So funny about've got your hands full with her!

  10. How was the Parade of Lights?? I can't wait to hear about it.


  11. z is in love with Jib Jab this year!! I paid for the account just to see him laugh and smile :) I am in debate as to whether Park the Elf will be coming to visit this year.....I'm so torn!

    Enjoy :)


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