Thursday, December 23, 2010

Countdown to Christmas and Elfcapades: Week 4

Countdown to Christmas

I think the elves are growing tired and must be pretty happy that they get to go home soon.  They are running out of things to do and they can't find the cookie sheets to make some cookies.

We missed the Elvis Christmas Party because iDaddy had to work late.  The really funny thing kids aren't that excited about Santa.  I tried to take them to see him the other day and they didn't want to go.  They'd rather stay home and hide Baby Jesus around the apartment.

One day this week...the elves brought the kids some Christmas dishes....and some plates to make sure Santa gets some cookies and his elves get carrots.  That Santa likes to think ahead!

As you know we live in an apartment now and we don't have a fireplace.  We were really worried about how Santa would get in to deliver the presents.  The Elves told us not to worry...Santa has a plan.  That plan would be a magic key so that Santa can use to open our door.

Dear St. Nicholas

You can open the door, with this magical key~

There's milk and cookies for you, next to the tree.

The key becomes magical, one night each year~

When it wakes up to the spirit, of holiday cheer.

So forget that old chimney, come in through the door~

It's faster, it's cleaner, you could even deliver much more.

I know that you're busy, you have to go quick~

Christmas wouldn't be as merry, without Jolly Old St. Nick.

This morning the elves brought notebooks and markers! Mallory woke up first and waited so patiently for Alex to get up so they could draw together!

Robot for Alex, Hello Kitty for Mallory

Today....I'm doing some last minute shopping (pillow pets) and we're going to visit our favorite bakery in Arvada. 

Awww...Look what Mallory just drew for me.  It's her first heart!

To Mom

What did you do for Christmas this week?  If you posted about up with Liz from Sugarplum Creations!

One of our elves is NOT an Elf on a Shelf.  He is from Elf Magic and he enjoys the freedom of living all over the house...not just on a shelf. Plus, there are so many more choices in elves.  

**I was not paid by Elf Magic...I just don't like freaky ass elves on shelves.** 


  1. Your elves bring presents?? Crap. DO NOT tell my boys.

  2. Santa is a smart guy, I love those plates! Looks like you'll be busy baking lots of cookies ;)

    I'm cracking up about your spa day by yourself away from home next year!

    Merry Christmas, Connie!

  3. That is so sweet of little M. Love that heart.

  4. Those elves have sure been good to your kids this year!! I heart Mallory's heart. :)

  5. I love all the escapades your elves have been getting into. Thank you for sharing them all, along with the great photos of the kids. The heart Mallory drew for you is just magnificent.
    Have a very merry Christmas.

  6. I so wish the whole Elf on the Shelf thing was around 16 years ago {maybe it was and I was just daft}, it sounds like such fun! I'm kinda sad I missed that one!


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