Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Adventures with Robert: Christmas Tree Stand

Before we get to the fun times with Robert...I wanted to explain why I'm not going to be participating in the apartment decorating contest that could have resulted in $300 off from our rent.

Reason #1...iKeith was not excited about the idea and when I mentioned it he immediately told me no. After I explained that I had a great idea for a Gingerbread House theme and I'd be making most of the decorations, he said Hell No.  I'm now calling him The Grinch!

Reason #2...I'm a little bit Martha Stewart and my neighbors....are a little bit Jeff Foxworthy.

Exhibit A.

Nothing says Christmas like a flying pig!

Exhibit B. 

My classy Gingerbread House theme will NOT win.


  1. Hilarious!! This is why Jews don't have Christmas trees...ROFLMAO!

  2. Haha! Your neighbors sure have some interesting decoration choices!! :)

  3. Robert is hilarious!!! He has got to be fun to hang out with.

    Thanks for the laugh today.

  4. Hey, those things are tricky. ;)


  5. Sheesh. How much crap can they pack onto their tiny little lawns? And I would love to see your classy gingerbread theme next to all of that... stuff.

  6. I swear Ive seen some of the same decorations down the street

  7. That's really your apartment complex??? OY.
    Hey, those stands are freakin difficult!

  8. Seems like your neighbors like to put as much Christmas cheer in their yard as they can fit! LOL.

  9. It's hard to believe this guy is still single!!!!!

    Love ya Robert!!! You have a sexy singing voice!


  10. I like Robert very much. He is invited to my house on Christmas Eve.

    As for your neighbors... The teeny tiny Martha Stewart that lives in my head is screaming. (And not in a good way.)

  11. OH, MY... LOVED the vlog, esp. when Robert started dancing and said, "This is why Jews don't have Christmas trees." Oy vey... too funny! Then you "bleeped" him, much too late, and he corrected himself and said "fudge" - made me think of "A Christmas Story." I was trying to stifle my laugh, to keep from waking hubby, and almost choked. Thanks so much for the humor - even your end credits made me crack up.
    As for the decorating contest, um... while some of your neighbors decorations are cute, what is the theme? "See how much crap we can cram in our yard?" No, you are right, your lovely sounding gingerbread house idea would absolutely NOT win... you have WAY too much class.


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