Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010 FAIL!

 In case you missed it...Weiss Family Christmas Video!

Christmas dress purchased for daughter....never worn.

Christmas Cookies....never baked. I now have 3 pounds of butter in the fridge.

Pictures from our holiday...I'm not in ANY of them.  It's like I was never here....

Frosty...lost his hat...right before dinner was served!

Naked Daddy in Christmas Video....okay that was kind of a win.  For Mommy!

SpongeBob Christmas Show purchased for kids on Apple TV that was watched 248 times.  Has the term Buck Private in it which is a real term that means a very low position in the military.  Kids thought he said BUTT PRIVATE and called me one all month.

Instead of using gift mother in law wrapped the kids presents in different wrapping paper and then forgot which paper belonged to which kid.

$8 of premium Egg Nog in glass jars and Keith and I were the only ones that drank it.

Denver....No Snow.  50 degree temps!

Nana gave us all a cold.

Wrapping paper....ran out.  iKeith improvised.

That picture remind you of anything?


  1. Sometimes it's the fail moments that make it most memorable. Right? RIGHT??

    We ran out of paper, too. Didn't take all that many pictures. J didn't want to video anything. And I skipped the reindeer food b/c I was too exhausted. Still, we had tons of fun and continue to make memories. I know y'all did too!

  2. We had a great Christmas! It's the Martha side of my brain that has to see what when wrong....

  3. Sorry about the cold :(

    I haven't been able to see the video on this computer, but I know it'll bring a good chuckle when I see it.

    I did see the Justin video a few days ago and had a good laugh!

  4. LOL. I think we all have these moments. I was thinking the other night that I could actually tell the tale of two Christmases...the happy/perfect/everythingwentright version and the disfunctional/screwedup/weallneedtherapy version.

    I love the reference to the box iKeith is holding. That is one of my favorite SNL skits of all time!

  5. Yep, sounds like a normal Christmas to me! I was thinking the kids thought it was Butt isn't that a real thing too???

  6. Or the scene from legally blonde where the UPS guy says, "I have a package."

  7. LOL - I love that!! My mom always forgets which present goes to who and also finds christmas present hidden throughout her house in the summer that she completely forgot about until then!

    Happy New Year Connie!!


  8. I start hyperventilating when I have less than three pounds of butter in the fridge. You have to be prepared for anything, right?? Even emergency baking??!!! :o)

  9. Just watched your Christmas video ... so cute!! Your family is so lucky to have a mom that puts such fun things together for them!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love your videos and how full of excitement M was, with her arms crossed and furrowing brows! My girls have perfected that look.

    Merry Christmas Connie!

  11. Connie, you made me laugh SO hard. I'm sorry, but your fails seem like so much fun and at least you were all together!
    You know what, as soon as I saw that photo of Keith, I thought of that song, even before you asked if it reminded us of anything. TOO FUNNY!!
    Happy new year.


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