Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Letting Go

I have had long hair for most of my life. When I was five years old it was down to my rear end, I got gum in it, it was always a mess and my pet Raccoon Racky used to sneak into my room at night and pull it, so my Mom cut it very short. Then no one could tell if I was a girl or a boy.

I used to spend hours blow drying and curling it when I was a teenager. And then in 8th grade I had a home perm go wrong and I walked three miles each way in the blazing sun and spent my allowance having all my hair cut off. That was also the year that I only wore Grey, Black and Red and loved RATT. Short hair worked for me.

Nice mustache DAD!

The summer before my senior year, I worked outside painting gas meters for Greeley Gas. My long hair was miserable in the Colorado heat, so I cut it into a cute little bob.

What is with these wings? me and Bobbi look like we are about to take off!

I snagged myself a husband with my long blonde hair, my winning personality, my beer drinking abilities and my good birthing hips suitable for producing an heir.

Then I had a couple kids and my hair went curly on me. I tried to embrace my natural brown hair color and then I got highlights earlier this year. NOTE: if you can't make it to the salon every 6-8 weeks, don't get highlights....they look like poop when they grown out. And so here is what I looked like on Saturday right before I left for the salon.

I decided that it was finally time to let go of my long hair. It was no longer working for me and I always looked a mess. I have this vision of the person that I want to be. The Mom and Wife that I want to be and the long messy hair didn't fit the picture in my head.

This is more like it!


  1. Very Cute!!

    I too have debated cutting mine off! I never do anything with it and it is almost always in a pony tail.

    I think your hair looks fantastic! I love the color too.

    Also, it was very fun to look at the old pictures. I think Bobbi is going to be upset though. What is up with that look she has on her face in the restaurant? LOL! Bwahahahahahah! (sorry Bobbi - I love you!) :)

  2. I warned Bobbi about the picture last night. I think she is cool with it.

    What you have to understand (or remember) is that Bobbi is NOT a morning person and I distinctly remember this picture because I was hung over (shhh...don't tell Dad) and Bobbi was forced to go to breakfast at the ungodly hour of 8am!

    Rachel! Is that Pepper (the dog) in the picture?

  3. Love the new do! It is quite cute.

    And I understand about the hair going curly after kids. Mine was always kind of wavy, but after the kids and just getting older in general, we are approaching an "Annie" type curl. Scary.

    Be sure and drop by my place soon. I'm having a giveaway this week. :)

  4. While I do love your long straight blond do - I can imagine how much work it was to get it to look like that (since I have slightly wavey hair and have to do some serious work with the blow drier for that level of smoothness).

    I myself, have given up on long hair. Partly because it takes too long to blow dry and partly because I think it makes me look frumpy (I guess I'm at that age now...)

    Great new look! And I never color my hair so I'm all for natural color. What is wrong with light brown hair anyway?! Can I tell you how many blonds tell me that their natural color is pretty much like mine (what does this say to me?) I will never color my hair. Until I go gray - then all bets are off!

  5. Oh - and you and Bobbi are really in your full unsmiling teenage glory in that table shot. In fact - I'd say you look kind of bad ass.

  6. OMG!! Those pictures are great!
    Seriously, what is with our our in that one picture and why do I look so pissed off?

    Do you remember the family picture though that mom and dad have at home. You have long hair and wings, just like me!

    I do love your new hair though, very chic!

  7. Did you hear that Bobbi! Kate said we look Bad Ass! If she only knew.....


  8. Cute!

    Did you really have a pet racoon?

  9. Love the new hair cut and color!

  10. cute...and sassy, in a good sorta way!
    i love the color.

  11. It really is cute. Do you like it? You went shorter and darker, that can be traumatic. It's so flattering on you!

    Enjoyed seeing all of your old photos - very fun!

  12. Yes! That IS Pepper! LOL!


    P.S. I think I might have to start posting some old photos. How fun!

  13. What a cute story and the hair looks great.

    I am one of those moms who once in a blue moon I get highlights and then they look like crap after they have grown out.

  14. Super cute! I'm in process of growing mine back after a very BAD short haircut....bah.

  15. I'm jealous.

    I would LOVE to cut my hair short. But, I'm chicken Sh*t and couldn't do it.

    (side comment, does me putting the asterisk in the curse word really make a difference?)

    I'm proud of you. Now, send me some of that self confidence so I can do that to my hair??

  16. I have long messy hair like your old hair. It is not really age appropriate so I am envious of you. I have always wanted a short, sassy hairdo. Hasn't happened yet. Waht does your hubby say? It can kind of be adventurous like he is with a whole different lady..ooh la la!

  17. Nice!

    I let go of my long hair about a year and a half ago. Now it's almost to my shoulders and it's bugging me. It's funny what you get used to.

    I love your new do!

  18. Love your new hair -- it's so cute and chic! Good for you!

    I loved looking at your old pictures - I have some of those same hari dos. So funny!

  19. Oh my goodness, love it! My hair is like kinda short, but with longer layers and I loved it when it was shorter. You look Fab darling!

  20. Love all the pics...i had that terrible short cut as a kid to that no one could tell if i was a girl or boy..think that is why i keep my hair very long today...lol..there is no mistake..i am a girl...love your new hair cut..looks really good on you!!! :)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!