Friday, October 17, 2008

I Want The Look

When we were in Denver a couple weeks ago, we found ourselves in Cherry Creek shopping for christmas presents. If you have been to Cherry Creek, you know that it is a highfalutin/prominent area and it is home to very trendy shops and restaurants. You will also find many beautiful homes, the Denver Country Club and a Whole Foods Store.

While we were shopping....I saw a lot of very fit looking ladies. Ladies with perfect hair, nails and make-up. What I noticed more than anything was that they were wearing sports/active wear and I kept thinking....WOW....they must have worked out today, look how great they look.

And it got me thinking....if I were to wear workout clothes perhaps people will think I am fit and that I work out? I think I like the idea of people thinking that I workout...even if I don't. I think this is seriously the best idea I have ever had! would encourage me to workout if I had the outfits.

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  1. That is awesome! It is funny that many of the women you saw probably wanted YOU to believe they worked out today even though they did not! They also wanted you to believe that it did not take two hours to look that good!

  2. You KNOW I love Cherry Creek. The shopping's great.

    I advocate you purchasing cute workout clothes. I believe the outfits really do motivate people to move more. It's good for you!

  3. I absolutely love your posts Connie!! Oh, and I do work out and I still want to look like those ladies. Bummer.

    And totally go for the clothes. A woman can never do without more clothes. You go girl.

  4. Ha! That is so brilliant! If only we could be fit just by WEARING the clothes. Like the second you put the workout clothes on you were instantly transformed into the perfect size & shape. I would buy those up lickity split.

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my post for pictures of life with kids.


  5. Work out clothes are one of my weakensses when I'm shopping.

    I'm with you- I convince myself that "if only I had the perfect workout clothes, I would FOR SURE work out!"

    Hasn't worked yet, but I do have quite the collection of workout clothes!

    Good post :)

  6. That sounds like an excellent plan. Perhaps I should try as well.

  7. You are SO funny! But seriously - I do think it helps to be wearing exercise clothes.

    Throw the kids in the double stroller and take them out for a long walk (in your exercise clothes) once a day or several times a week, and you will actually start to feel like you "exercise." Because really - walking IS exercise. It's not like you have to be running or taking a yoga class for it to count. This was me the summer before last - and I ended up being in great shape. I need to get back to that...

  8. Oh, and they are so much more comfortable! I love to wear yoga pants around town, and I do not do yoga!

  9. Guilty...I am in workout clothes all the time:P I do go to the gym a it's OK, right?

  10. Sounds like I need to go shopping! Maybe if I wear exercise clothes I'll actually do some exercising!


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