Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day Out With Mallory

Daddy and Alex left for Denver this morning. I decided that the best way that I know to get over being Retail Therapy! I take my job as Mallory's Mother very seriously and it is my obligation to teach her the finer points of being a female. I must teach her how to shop, just like my Mother taught me.

The Mormons (General Conference Time) were tucked all snug in their houses today and we had Gymbucks burning a hole in our pocket so we headed to the mall. First.....we needed shoes! OMG SHOES! I explained to Mal that any shopping trip can be saved with a great pair of shoes. I was shocked when I paid the bill and our shoes cost the same amount! Oh my heck!

Once we had some proper footwear, we went to The Quilted Bear. They had so many wonderful holiday decorations, but we restrained ourselves and only bought one item for our Jim Shore collection and Mallory got her very own backpack.

Then it was time! It was time to go to Gymboree. To honor our Mormon Brothers' and Sisters' we were on a mission! A mission to find Christmas Outfits. I know what you are thinking. Christmas? Already? If you read this blog you know that we plan for Christmas for 6 solid months. For example, this week we purchased our Christmas Cards. And people here in the Beehive State have lots and lots of kids. You must buy children's items early or you just miss out. Halloween costumes in Utah...sell out (well the good ones) in early September. You must act quickly or your kid has to wear crap from Wal-Mart!

I am very pleased with what I found but I think I need to go back to shopping at Gymboree online because not having a running total as I shop turned out to be rather...costly. Hi Honey. I didn't really spend that much, just a little tiny bit more than I wanted but once you see Moo in this hat that I got...Oh my heck! It is just the cutest thing and also it was the last one. I. had. to. get. it! Plus, I already discussed it with your Mom and she is totally on my side.

Here is Moo with the loot!

After all of that shopping...we were so hungry! We decided on Chick Fil A and I introduced Mallory to Chicken Nuggets dipped in honey! She loved it! Waffle Fries, not so much.

And then, I introduced Mallory to something that every woman needs (and I still don't have).

Designer Handbags

She was very fond of the Coach handbags..... That's my girl! on Coach. That is the one Mommy likes.

A busy morning of shopping makes us very thirsty....check out the hat. Seriously! Cute right?

Tonight we are going to eat corn dogs, drink stawberry milk, read Wocket in my Pocket a million times and watch Blonde Ambition staring Jessica Simpson!

Random Utah Fact: According the 2000 Census, Utah was the fourth fastest growing state (at 29.6 percent) in the United States between 1990 and 2000. St. George, in the southwest, is the second-fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States, trailing Greeley, Colorado.
Info from wikipedia


  1. What a fun girl-y day!! I love the gymbo outfit for Mallory! Too cute. I, too, absolutely love that Coach bag and would l.o.v.e. to have one...too bad we have to pay a mortgage instead! ;)

  2. You did me proud girls! Too bad I couldn't have gone with you. :(
    Tell daddy to go to Ebay for the purse, you can get it so much cheaper there than at the department stores.
    I've got my eye on a white quilted leather Juicy Couture bag myself. :)

  3. What a doll! I Love the hat! I laughed at your random Utah fact, I had heard that Greeley was the fastest growing metropolitan area, and thought that was odd, but to hear St George was number two makes it even more odd to me! I can't imagine wanting to move either place!

  4. We had Gymbucks and went there yesterday too! I love the Scottie outfit, especially the hat!!! It sounds like Mallory is getting trained to be a perfect girly-girl :)

  5. What a fun day!! Love the shoes and super cute xmas outfits!

  6. Wow -- you sure got a lot of things done today! Love the outfits and shoes!

  7. Lessons every girl should learn from her mother! Glad you two had a fun day.

  8. Oh I'm jealous! I want to have a shopping day like that. Generally - we all go together (and it's a zoo) or I go by myself during my lunch break (and don't have enough time). This would explain why my children's entire wardrobes seem to be from Target lately... Supplementing with online shopping is great - I need to do that more often.

  9. how fun! I need new shoes for a trip I am going on, those shoes are super cute!

  10. So cute! I have a hard time shopping for Christmas outfits because you never know how warm it is going to be here. We often wear short sleeves and how many cute Christmas outfits have short sleeves!!!

  11. What a great day!! Love the picture of your little one in the red cute!!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!