Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two Years...

Today, is the two year anniversary of moving to Utah. We moved here so that Calvin could accept a very exciting job. We had high hopes for our new home. Hopes that were quickly dashed.

I won't rehash all of the stuff that we have endured since moving here. You can read the archives for that. Besides, I think it's important to focus on the future and not dwell in the past. I have been in denial that this is now our home and I'm ready to truly put that all behind me. Let me tell you how serious I am.

Yesterday....I hung some pictures on the wall. GASP! Yes, I did. I have not done much decorating to our walls...because I wanted to be able to leave this place at a moments notice (okay...Yes, it takes a little more time than that to move) and pulling stuff off the walls would just slow me down.

And today, on the first day of our third year in Utah. I am going to get my Utah drivers license!

On this special day, I would like to thank God for Monica, Loralee and Jen!

Monica's husband works with my husband and they moved the same week we did. We met in the hallway outside of the breakfast room at The Comfort Inn in Ogden.

Loralee found me through a comment on a blog, in which I was bitching and moaning about Utah. She befriended me and explained why things are the way they are here and made me feel much better. She has become a very good friend.

Jen found me through a comment on a blog, in which I was talking about hoping to move to Minnesota. She lives in Minneapolis and emailed me some information. She discovered what city I live in and hooked me up with her best friend who also lives here. I now get together with Sara, every couple weeks and we are becoming great friends!

did you click on GOD? did you think he had a website? i wish he did.....


  1. Happy living in Utah 2 year anniversary! I am so impressed you have turned over a new leaf and are hanging things on your walls.

  2. Awww, thanks!! I can't believe we've hit the 2 year mark! And I am so thankful to have found you too!

  3. I understand your post. We moved to Utah six years ago in November, having never been here. Loved it, hated it, and now we love it and can't imagine living anywhere else.

    Glad you're happy now. Still willing to meet you for that glass of wine in SLC...

  4. I am SOOOOOO glad you moved here! You're loads of fun and dude...we'll always have Starbucks. Heh!

  5. I moved from so. California to Indiana, 10 years ago now. What a HUGE change. There has been good and bad, but it is home now, although I do fantasize about living other places, sometimes. But, not so. cal any more.

  6. Connie - thank you so much for the link clarifying your reference to "God" - I was a little confused for a minute there...

    I'm glad you have some good friends there and finally feel like you're settling in. I've read some of your thoughts on where you lived and I have sympathized.

  7. ah, the hanging of the pictures. you are turning a new leaf!
    thank you for you too! i'm so glad that you have been a person that my best(est) friend has gotten to know. i feel better about her being somewhere when she has someone to talk to.
    thanks for being her someone.

  8. Shanna! Thanks...I think this is just the beginning of leaves to be turned!

    Monica! I was thinking this morning about our hushed conversations in the lobby of the hotel. Not knowing what to expect from this foreign land! LOL!

    Chris! Hopefully I will meet you in SLC sooner rather than later!

    Loralee! You are a blessing! We WILL always have Starbucks, but not that Starbucks because it is on the list of stores that are closing.

    Fast Lane! I *hope* that I will not be here for 10 years.

    Kate! I never thought it would take me so long to settle in....

    Jen! Awww...I am still hoping to meet YOU someday! When are you coming back?

    ALL! I got my driver's license. I had to make 2 15 mile trips. Didn't know i needed my SS card. So I had to go back. My picture turned out pretty good and I didn't have to take a test! I guess I am officially a Utahn!

  9. Hi Connie! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I also love in Utah. We moved here from California 6 years ago. Good for you hanging things on your walls! It is a very "unique" state and it takes a while to get used to. Congratulations on getting your Utah license -- now wyou are officially one of us! (LOL)

  10. How did your license picture turn out? And have you hung any pictures of me on your walls?

  11. I am in the same sort of situation..I moved to a very tiny in VA and cannot stand living here...soooo ready to move...and we might...hubby is applying for jobs in keep your fingers crossed for us...congrats on getting your drivers license after only two still have not gotten my va license and really have no intention on doing so..haha....Good for you on learning to like where you live! :)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!