Monday, October 6, 2008

I Love Fall

Fall, is hands favorite season. It usually starts right around my birthday. The temperature starts to drop and the leaves start to turn, and then it is time to bring out the Fall decorations and do my Fall Nesting.

This year I festooned my doorway, fireplace hearth and entertainment center. I love the fall leaf garlands and I like to put them in unexpected places like....the bathroom mirror.

I have always wanted to buy some of those Scare Crows on a Stick but when I see them, they always look kind of odd and I pass them up. This year I decided that I would make my own with my son's outgrown clothes. I decided to call it a Cute Crow. I think it turned out pretty good!

While shopping with my daughter this weekend, we decided to add to our Jim Shore collection and start collecting the Halloween figurines. We brought home this adorable kitty cat! MEOW!

Head over to A Soft Place to Fall and join the party! This is the place to be to find decorating ideas for your home. Get some coffee and join me!

My Cute Crow needs a name....what do you think it should be?

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  1. I Love fall too. But, my kids were complaining that we needed fall decorations, because "ALL" our neighbors have pumpkins already and we don't. I am a slacker.

  2. Cute little scarecrow and I LOVE the kitty figurine!! ADORABLE!!

  3. We put our fall decorations out this weekend. Maybe we will make a cute crow too. The boys would love it. I just have to find hay around here that does not cost an arm and a leg.

  4. Cute crow! I love Fall too. We went up the canyon last night and the leaves were beautiful!

  5. Cute cutecrow! Great idea! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Very cute decorations! I like the scarecrow. :)

    I had to LOL at the fact that you described yourself as a Domestic Engineer! That's what I'm going to call MYSELF when anyone asks what I's perfect! :)

  7. I love the cat. I have the Jim Shore Pilgrims and am always looking for more cute pieces.

  8. Hi Connie,
    I love the way your decorations turned out!

    Thanks for stopping by today,

  9. Love the cat.
    It's the "Cat's Meow!"
    Baahaahaa..I kill me.

  10. Great halloween decorations! Your scarecrow is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for coming to my party. Happy halloween.


  11. I think you should call your cute crow "Freddy", you know like Kruger?

  12. Looking cute..! Its time to start the collecting of Halloween figurines.

  13. Looking cute..! Its time to start the collecting of Halloween figurines.

  14. Looking cute..! Its time to start the collecting of Halloween figurines.


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