Thursday, February 17, 2011

A WOW Widow No More!

A few months after Keith and I bought our first house, World of Warcraft came out and we started playing it. It was that thing that we did together and I think it really bonded us.

I became addicted to playing it and even made a playlist of songs that I'd listen to when I was playing. In my spare time, I'd gather flowers because I was an herbalist and I sold my potions on the WOW ebay.

I made lots of gold.

I loved doing quests and earning new outfits for my character! It had all of the elements of life that I love! Spending time with my husband, traveling, completing tasks and getting new clothes and trinkets.

Then my son was born and I didn't want to play anymore. All I wanted to do was gaze into his beautiful face 24/7. iKeith continued to play and even recruited his brother and mom to play with him.

I became a WOW Widow!

Last weekend, iKeith convinced me to play again. I have a little more free time these days (the kids play so well together and don't want me cleaning up playing with their toys) so I agreed.

My new character is a Worgen Druid and she's a bad ass!  Her name is JuliaChild and Mallory helped me name her.

So far, I've discovered a few problems with playing this game again.

1. I want to snack while playing. 
2. I want to drink beer while playing.
3. I can't twitter while playing
4. It's a huge time suck.
5. I forget to feed the children while playing. 

I solved the twitter problem by setting my iPad up next to my computer.  Now I can keep up with the World of Connie while I'm playing.

iKeith is so happy! 


  1. I lost a boyfriend once to WOW...
    Good luck my friend!

  2. I can't even start doing games like that - I get totally addicted!

  3. ha, ha ... is he really happy about it or are you being sarcastic? Glad you are enjoying the game!! I've never been much of a gamer, unless you count Smurfs on my iphone. :o)))

  4. Oh my...

    I've been craving nothing more than to kill some Horde lately. It's like CONSUMED my mind. I've been strong, I've resisted, but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.

    For the longest time I wanted nothing more than to have a healy Worgen Druid and now seeing yours makes me just want to run out and get that expansion and start shelving out my $15/mo again. Ahhh!!

  5. It's funny how you get hooked on this game.

    There have been several times over the years that I've had the itch to play....

    Just Do It Amber!!

  6. I've heard that WOW is VERY addictive...I'm sure I'd be sucked in if I even looked at it.

    I'm a COD/Halo widow...usually. Michael is a Call of Duty playin' fool. He usually plays daily...has his own squad and everything. I think he's a capitan or something. They even have meetings. It's crazy. Lately, he's just been working on the house non-stop, so I think he appointed someone to fill in for him while he's gone. Isnt' that hilarious?!

    So, anytime he gives me a hard time about my blogging world...I just give him the look and bring up COD. That's all it takes.

  7. You just nailed blogging for me. :)

  8. I can't allow myself to get into things like that because I know I'll become addicted! I have no control when I enjoy something and I will spend every waking moment thinking of ways to fit it into my day. Unfortunately, I never become addicted to healthy things like working out though...LOL. The best part is that both you and your hubby like playing so it's a win/win!

  9. I used to be a WoW widow but then one day, Jeff stopped. I was so shocked that I thought he was going to divorce me and run away with his cousin.

    Turns out, he was just done.

    Go figure.

  10. You live life the way it ought be lived. ;)

  11. Never heard of it!

    I'm lame like that though. I'm not a video game kind of girl but if it "brings you and iKeith together" than more power to ya!

  12. I totally hear you! lol, I had to stop playing because I would be naughty and play while the kiddos were up during the day (we had a rule to only play at night) but I kept using the excuse that I just had to get to 80 so I could heal for the guild. ahhhh...good times, good times.

  13. Ohh if I started I would never be able to stop. Blogs already eat up too much of my time@!

  14. I have no words for this. None.
    Oh wait a minute....
    Nope. Gone. I got nuthin'.

  15. Just put out some bowls of food for the kids (like people do for cats) and you should be all set with the problem of forgetting to feed the children ;)

  16. A girls got a do what a girls go a do. Even if that's setting up your iPad. My motto is you can never be too connected.

  17. I'm not much for video games, but I love that it brings you and iKeith closer. In the past Jeremy has gotten me hooked on particular shows, and I'll be honest, they haven't been ones that I would normally choose to watch, but it's so nice having something to do together!

  18. Connie, don't make me! Ok, ok, I spent all night trying to work out my WoW kinks that I was having prior to the Cata release (one of the main reasons why I quit) on a trial account and I think I've got it figured to reactivate and test on my real account...

    Bye, bye social life.


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