Monday, February 28, 2011

Very Important People

In November 2009, I was visiting Denver for Thanksgiving and I made a new friend. I first met Tina on twitter and we started reading each other's blogs and then she came to a bar to have a beer with me and it was Friendship at First Sight! Note: it appears that I've gone from wearing turquoise and black to my new favorite and black.

I've been back in Denver for six months now and Tina and I hadn't made the time to get together...until this past weekend.

We both wanted to see Black Swan and my favorite movie theater is halfway between our homes so she agreed to spend the afternoon with me. You may recall that this awesome theater has a VIP section. For an extra $3 you get to sit in leather reclining love seats and you have a waiter that brings you free soda and popcorn. They also have appetizers and a full bar. The prices are a little high but you get to drink booze while watching the movie!

Wine, Coke and Popcorn

Oh..another added bonus. A VIP restroom so that you don't have to go with the common folk! Tina went first and came back to report that she had gotten a personal escort to the restroom. I had to go too so she told me to look for the guy in the blue shirt. It turned out to be the General Manager of the theater and he would later tell all of our seat mates that he'd do anything to make their time enjoyable...including take them to the potty! Now THAT is customer service!

Tina is like the sister I wish I had!  When we're together we talk and laugh and carry one like we've known each other for years! We were having the best time and our waiter was a darling and took our picture even though he said it was against the rules.  I'm ALWAYS in violation so we went for it.

Aren't We Cute?
Not long after we took our seats....a young couple sat down next to us and brought their own soda and popcorn from concessions, even though the waiter is supposed to bring it to you.  They didn't order drinks or food and as near as I could tell....didn't speak to each other.

We talked until the movie trailers started and we were trying very hard to whisper into each others ears if we had a comment during the movie.  We did make some noise during the scary parts and gasped at some of the startling parts.  BECAUSE WE'RE NORMAL!

As this couple got up to leave when the credits came on....the girl shot us the dirtiest look I've ever seen!  Tina and I looked at each and I said...was that for US?  WOW!  We decided that she was pissed because 1) she didn't have as much fun as we did and 2) they paid $6 extra dollars to sit next to us and 3) the general manager didn't take her to the potty.

We were having so much fun that we walked down the mall to Slattery's Irish Pub where a Sawyer look- a-like was our bartender.  We should have taken his picture....I think he would have let us. Dang it!

We're planning to get our hubby's together because they are both quiet, serious types with boisterous wives that like to have a good time!

Speaking of good friends.....

I checked my mail yesterday to find that I had a package from Heather from Madaline: The Magnificent Mayhem Maker.  She made me a beautiful scarf in my new favorite color!  ORANGE!

Thank you Heather!

 Black Swan: I really liked this movie and I'm thrilled that Natalie Portman won best actress for her role (NINA) in this film.  Barbara Hershey played the crazy, obsessive mother really well and the twists and turns kept me guessing.  The only completely unbelievable part for me was when Nina's Mom buys her a sheet cake for getting the part.  Who in their right mind buys a ballerina a cake?  Don't see this film if you have issues with skinny girls that eat grapefruit, Winona Ryder, masturbation as homework,  lesbians or swans.

Perfection is not just about control. It's also about letting go. ~ Thomas Leroy in Black Swan


  1. My oldest friend and I LOVE our Cinematic Adventures and have no problem letting the people around us know! :)

    I'm jealous of that movie theater, it sounds like so much fun!

  2. Aww! You guys ARE cute!
    And, okay, so maybe I shouldn't watch Black Swan?

  3. I was always uncomfortable when my teachers gave me masturbation as homework.

  4. How come you didn't mention that iKeith helped you with your homework? Ha! It was a blast - can't wait to do it again soon. xoxo

  5. You look great in orange! What fun - the theater sounds AWESOME! I wish we had one around here that was as nice.

  6. Umm....masturbation as homework? Can you give me more deets on this please? I kinda wanted to see this movie but obviously not with my mom.

  7. She was definitely jealous of the whole potty-escort thing!!


  8. I liked the movie too but it left some questions for me at the end that I needed answered!

    You two girls had WAY too much fun at the theater. Clearly the extra cost was well worth it!

  9. I must make the drive to this theatre. I always sneak in my own booze, wait, is that bad?!

  10. I need to find one of those movie theaters! Although, next time you should see if their is a private room because you obviously disturb people with all your noisy gasping! LOL

  11. I've never heard of such a fancy movie theater! NICE!!

    ~ Sarah

  12. Ok your theater beats out ours that serves wine and food - we don't have a VIP section with potty escorts :( I do like having wine and a nice warm cup of tea though :)

    I really want to see Black Swan! And how nice that you had a terrific friend to go with :) Orange rocks.

  13. I loved that movie. Even though I had to see it at a regular theater and not a fancy, shamncy one.

  14. what a great theater, I've never heard of it! loved black swan.

  15. What a fun theater. I think I would piss my pants if I saw Black Swan....I am such a wuss. Glad you two had so much fun :)

  16. We have a theater, CineBistro, that serves from a full menu. Comfy leather seats with pull out tables (airplane style) and alcohol. I love it!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!