Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Nanny Cam

When we lived in Utah, we had two very nice neighborhood girls that watched the kids from time to time when we needed a date night.

This particular night we were celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary with friends in a town an hour away. I was really nervous about driving so far away but I also knew that our babysitters where nice Mormon girls and one of their mothers could be called in an emergency.

I used Photobooth a lot back then to record the kids dancing and talking. I opened this application one day and was shocked to see a stranger's face looking back at me. It was MY living room...but someone's face.

I pushed play....

The girls had been playing with my computer and recorded this short video.

We didn't even know we had a Nanny Cam!


  1. Haha... that is too funny! At least they had fun!

  2. That's hilarious. I bet they didn't realize they saved it either.

  3. SO glad they didn't have that crap when I babysat. LOL!!!

  4. Too funny - but where were the kids?? :)

  5. love it! i have so many of these "movies" from Z.

  6. That rocks- you gotta love their sense of humor!!


  7. I remember seeing this before... thanks for showing it again, these girls are so cute. I hope you can find someone as wonderful to babysit the kids if you want to go out again while you are in Denver.
    Thanks for the smile. :)


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