Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bachelor Brad: Look Out for Attack Monkeys

This week...Brad takes the ladies to Costa Rica!

Dear ABC... Why oh why...did Chantal get a one on one date already when Britt hasn't had one yet?  Also...a note for next time.  Tall girls need tall horses. 

Dear Chantal O.....I'm not sure how you got so lucky getting another date...but good for you!  You handled the zipline really well. You got pretty lucky with the rain.  I just have one question.  Did you request the white button down or did Brad just decide that would fit you? Based on Brad (and iKeith's) reaction...I will only be wearing white button down shirts in the evening.  Look out for a gang of monkeys.  P.S. Pebbles called and she wants her dress back.

Dear Britt....again....where were you this week.  I'm bummed you didn't get a date.

Dear  Michelle....I think it's time to get your eyes checked.  You're having trouble seeing anyone else but yourself with Brad...but that seems kind of short-sighted since you're driving the man crazy and I'm sure he can't see himself with you.  You're time is better spent braiding everyone's hair and training monkeys.  P.S. You are such a liar!!  And to answer your question.  Yes.  You are crazy.

Dear Emily...I'd advice you to find better hiding places in the lodge where you are staying.  Michelle will complain to whomever she can find.  It seems like all of this time on your hands is giving you time to think about your future and I'm happy to see that you're learning from your mistakes.  See if ABC will let you use Brad's therapist.

Dear Shawntel...Your silent game was cute and a nice way to distract Brad from his troubles.  Thanks for being normal.

Dear Ashley...it was nice to see that you learned your lesson from last week and decided to be mute this week.  Nice job.

Dear Alli...your bug aversion is a little dramatic.  You should have sucked it up and acted like a tough girl.  It's pretty obvious that Brad wants a girl that can hang....or he wouldn't have brought you all to the jungle. Your dinner date on the sand bar...was sinking.  Literally and figuratively.  Good Luck!

Dear Jackie...toughen up woman!  Sorry Brad didn't keep you...but he needs an adventurous woman that doesn't make him feel guilty.  Good Luck!
Dear Brad...It kind of seemed like you were trying to get out of ziplinning because of a little rain.  WHA! It was kind of cute how worked up you got when you saw Chantal in your shirt.  What were you smoking when you made a pact to NEVER repel without Michelle.  I don't think I've ever seen a man bring candles on a date.

Next week: Anguilla!


  1. Ok you make me want to watch it next week :) I'll have to do that in secret, I don't think Matt would approve...

  2. Next week, write a letter to Britt telling her to eat something. Her shoulder bones really freak me out.

    And I'm so happy that Michelle is heading closer to the door. She is absolutely CRAZY. Oh, and in your letter, tell her to quit licking her freaking lips.

    Did you see this clip I posted on FB? This girl totally reminds me of Vienna.
    Okay, so I can't get the link for some reason, but go check out my FB if you wanna see it.

    ♥ AMber

  3. great recap :) I am thinking the producers made him keep CRAZY. I am so glad they did though because she makes me laugh. Didn't you think it was crazy that the bug scream was heard in the springs? Love the pebbles comment.

  4. If he picks crazy Michelle, so help me ABC, I will NEVER watch again. I already watched Jake pick the crazy one and I refuse to watch Brad pick the crazy one too!

    Emily is my fav. I adore her but I just know they aren't right for each other. *tear*

  5. I'm a little pissed that Michelle is still there. I didn't get to watch this week, because I was working late and my husband "Skipped" the Bachelor on the DVR schedule! PISSED.OFF.
    Needless to say, he's cut off for a few days. Thanks for the recap. I'm going to try to watch it online today. I'm sad Britt didn't get a one-on-one! I was sure that this would be her week!

  6. Brad's reaction to her in that shirt was what was so funny... "OH MY GOD!!!!" ... it was so adorable!

    I have to say, Chantal has the ugliest dresses of any Bachlorette I've ever seen... who picked her clothes out? geez!

    I too love Shawntel for just being a normal gal...

    I thought I was going to die laughing when Brad heard jackie screaming...

  7. I didn't watch, obviously, but if someone screamed over a bug in Costa Rica I can tell you I would have done the same thing over the monster lizards they have there.

    And even though I'm incredibly afraid of heights, ziplining sounds like so much fun.

  8. I don't watch so I really love your recaps!! :)

  9. I really can't believe he kept Michelle this week. The way she was acting, I really thought he'd let her go. Grrrrr...


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