Sunday, February 13, 2011

They Are The Lucky One's

My new favorite recording artist Ian Axel, released a new album last week. I've been listening to it non stop and each day he's been explaining how he came to write each song. You may remember that I first heard Ian's music when he played the Double Encore fall release party! He's amazing!

Yesterday he explained We Are. It was exactly what I needed to hear and inspired this iMovie.

My kids are the lucky one's because they have parents that want to be involved in their education and will move heaven and earth to make sure that they have what they need.

Alex and Mallory....I won't let you down.


  1. Well now...this makes me cry the ugly cry. So cool.

  2. So sweet Connie - and you are right - they are so very blessed to have you & iK.


  3. They ARE lucky! And cute. Happy valentines day to you!

  4. That was so touching! They are so lucky to have parents like you! They are absolutely adorable! Great video and great message to your kids!

  5. perfect song for this beautiful movie. They are the lucky ones and wherever they end up in school, they will be blessed with so many wonderful learning experiences in and out of school.


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