Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl

I was going to write a post about what I learned from the Super Bowl this year.  I wrote it in my head at 3am when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep but then I did and woke up crabby.

I was going to write about the 4 different beers that iKeith and I shared that are a part of the 5280 magazine 6 pack.  My favorite of the 4 was a Milk Stout.  But in the 3rd quarter I got a migraine and we didn't finish the beers.  Maybe tonight during The Bachelor....

I was going to talk about my favorite commercials...because I took notes.  My two favorites are the finger sucking Dorito commercial even though it's kind of gross and the Teleflora commercial even though folks on twitter (that probably live in Boulder*) thought it was sexist.

I was going to talk about how I learned that I don't know much about world suffering because I didn't know to be offended by the Groupon commercial until I found out that I should on twitter.

I know that I love GLEE and I couldn't wait for it to come on and now I think I want to own a Chevy but iKeith said No.

And now I think I'm going to go back to bed....because I think I need a day off.

*Yesterday, people that live in Boulder (but not my friend Denise) unfollowed me on twitter in record numbers.  Probably because I am too awesome for them and they couldn't take it. Yeah...that's what happened.


  1. Doritoe finger freaked me out.
    I loved the little kid darth vadar one!
    The Tibet groupon one? That was weird.

  2. We saw the Doritos finger commercial late Saturday night watching some pre-Superbowl special on NFL network. It's one of those LOVE/HATE commercials in my book. Really gross and really funny all at the same time.

    Hands down my favorite commercial was the Chrysler/Detroit commercial. It spoke to me on a whole host of levels. LOVED IT!

    And, my second favorite was VW/Darth Vader kid one. But, I have a soft spot for Star Wars.

    Oh...and the groupon commercial? I didn't realize it was supposed to bother me either until I put Madaline to bed and logged into twitter. My response? Whatever. Twitter always needs something to get its panties in a bunch about.

  3. I LOL'd at the Dorito finger one, thought it was gross, but hilarious. :)

  4. Sorry you got a headache, maybe you were thinking too much about all the stuff you wanted to write about! I didn't have any beer but I sure did eat waaaaay too much yesterday.

  5. I barked out the biggest laugh/horrified gasp at the finger-sucking Dorito ad. I thought the Faith Hill ad was hilarious.

    I am not on twitter, but I would never Un-follow you.

  6. How DARE they unfollow you for that!
    Hello! That was AWESOME! And the Dorito one?? AWESOME!
    Ugh. Boulder people are crazy.
    And, you know? I wondered if the Groupon one was not PC but guess what? I DON'T GIVE A CRAP.

  7. People unfollowed you for that? Huh, its a wonder that I have twitter followers at all.

  8. I was on twitter last night and couldn't believe some of the things people were complaining about. Everyone is too sensitive!

    Sorry you were unfollowed but they were probably no fun anyway!

  9. I didn't watch the superbowl, but that commercial was funny.

    Some insight into the Tibet thing, Tibetans have been fighting for their Freedom from China for decades, that's why the Dalai Lama lives in exile. Tibet was it's own country until China took it over, saying it's theirs. Isn't China big enough, give the Tibetans their land? The Chinese have destroyed a lot of Tibetan history, temples, shrines, and even sterilized Tibetan women to destroy the genetic lineage.

    So to reduce the suffering in Tibet to a discount on a meal, absolutely appalling in my book. I will admit, I was very active in the Free Tibet campaigns when I was in college. I even tutored many Tibetans that live in boulder that were able to flee their country. It's a cause that breaks my heart.

  10. I just read through your comments, wow. I guess ignorance is bliss.

  11. Denise! Thanks for explaining the Tibet thing...I had no idea!

  12. Can't believe I have heard nothing from you about the half-time show....


  13. I didn't think half time was too bad...except that Fergie's voice seemed a little husky.

    I guess Katy Perry was busy last night.

  14. The commercials sucked this year and I am now having a hard time commenting on your post without thinking Oprah is going to make an appearance. And now Glee???

    Tell @iKeith I am sending him a foam bat. To either beat you woth or himself

  15. Hey, Connie, I'm ignorant and BLISSFUL! :)

  16. I didn't watch the game, nor have I seen any commercials. Now I'm curious, though! I was shopping... bought some cute Hanky Panky underwear, a couple of bathing suits, a cover-up, t-shirt and some workout shorts. I'm sorry some of your twitter peeps unfollowed you. Their loss. xo

  17. I didn't see the Groupon commercial, but I'm sure it would have went right over my head.

    I thought the Faith Hill commercial was cute and really don't get how it was sexist. Men like boobs. So what.

    I'm getting kind of tired of having to be PC all the time so I don't hurt anyone's feelings. I'm kind of starting to think that people just should be so freakin' sensitive.

  18. Jennifer...You're right. Being PC is a lot of fucking work!

    It's hard enough just being an Oprah lover like myself....

  19. I missed some of the best commercials so I'll have to google them. I was busy CLEANING THE KITCHEN at MY FRIEND'S HOUSE. Grrr..

    I missed your twitter post. Was it bad? Why are people in Boulder so uptight?

    Migraines suck. I hope you're feeling better today~

  20. Do you want to come clean my kitchen?

  21. This is the first year in a LONG time (ever?) that I didn't watch one minute. I caught a few of the commercials on the web but S was working and I had to take care of the kids so I just kept if off. I'm Lame! ;)

  22. What did you do to Boulder? And how did you know they were un-subscribing? Did they flounce?

    I forgot it was the super bowl entirely until my friend from Holland told me who won. Except I was all, "won what?" and she had to explain. And now I don't remember who won and I'm not sure who was playing.

    I'm losing my grip on American pop culture!!! Aahhhh!!!!

    Meh. Oh, well.

  23. You are definitely too awesome. They must have not been able to handle the level of awesomeness.

    Seriously people unfollowed you??? I'm confused.

    I'm so glad you brought up the Teleflora commercial! That was mine and Michael's favorite! Hilarious!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!