Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bachelor Brad: Kiss of Death

This is usually one of my favorite weeks of The Bachelor. I love seeing the hometown dates and where these girls come from.

I hated this episode. I hated it so much that I'm having trouble writing about it.

Chantal lives in Seattle and of all of the dates...I thought this one was the most successful. They got along great, her dog loved him, her parents liked him and her dad gave Brad his blessing to marry Chantal. The whole thing seemed very natural.

Ashley's family lives in Madawaska Maine and it's a remote and isolating place. Her family was a little too....excited and it made me tired and I found them irritating. Brad seemed to like them. Ashley hasn't expressed any love for Brad and he's worried that he might be holding her back by asking her to move to Austin.

Shawntel lives and works in Chico California. Her Dad didn't hesitate to make it known that Shawntel is supposed to be taking over the funeral home from him...like tomorrow. He also laid a major guilt trip on her by reminding her that her old high school teacher's son died while she was galavanting around the country and she had really needed Shawntel. In fact, the entire community is counting on her to bury all of their family members and this is much more important than Shawntel's happiness. Her dad is an asshole. She also had Brad lay on an embaling table and explained the process AGAIN! Kiss of death.

Emily likes in Charlotte NC with her daughter Little Ricki. I'm pretty sure that it says that on her birth certificate. Mr. Brad worked really hard to get Little Ricki to like him and she did warm up to him....she even drew him a picture. Shame on ABC for making us think that Little Ricki was a spoiled brat that ran to her room in anger. Brad made Mac and Cheese but then refused to kiss Emily because little Ricki was upstairs sleeping. This chivalry was a little monotonous for me. Emily made him kiss her before he left and he described her as PERFECT.

Say goodbye to Shawntel......she and Brad are not a great fit since she really can't leave the state of California. And she smells like embalming fluid.


  1. I think Shawntel needs her OWN reality show. ICK!

  2. I was holding my breath the whole time...thinking that Emily's hometown date was going to be a train wreck. I hate the way ABC makes us think things...they're are such manipulators!

    I was happy that it turned out well. He pretty much weeded out all the really horrible ones. I like the last 3 girls, but Emily is still my favorite.

    Brad has handled himself quite nicely through all of this. I hope he doesn't fail me now.

  3. There's no need to watch the show when I can come here every Tuesday instead!

    Too much drama!

  4. Shawn isn't COOL ENOUGH to watch our trash tv.

    Ashley leaves next week. And good because I don't like her one bit. Plus, I really think she does leave since Us Weekly left her off the cover.

    I love Emily but like other people, I feel like she might be too good for him.

    What's your opinion?

  5. "smells like embalming fluid"...can't stop laughing...can barely type....

    that date was AWFUL, poor girl...what was she thinking? I agree, the whole episode was a little off. I did like Chantal's date as well and I am hoping to find her parents and ask them to adopt me....that house was INCREDIBLE!!!

    So who are you thinking he's going to end up with?? I think Chantal is good for him but he is so darn smitten with Emily.....

  6. Well someone from NC would fit right in with all us Texans. ;)

  7. It was so obvious that Shawntel was going to be the one to go. A date on an embalming table? Really? Who thinks that's ok???

  8. It was so obvious that Shawntel was going to be the one to go. A date on an embalming table? Really? Who thinks that's ok???

  9. I wanted to hurl when she had him lay down on the embalming table and pretended to go through the procedure. Heeeeelllllloooooo? Were you trying to get this man to marry you?


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