Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Bachelor Brad and Bethenny too!

Wow.  I think I want to go on a trip to South Africa.  It looks beautiful and laid back and I only saw a couple bugs.

Poor Brad, he's terrified of ending up alone and things with the ladies are out of control! The good news is that he's convinced that one of these women is going to be his wife.


Brad takes Chantal on a safari and he tells her how much he misses her family mom.  They are sitting in the truck looking at the bush and come across a nest of lions who are getting angry because Chantal can't shut the hell up.

They walk down to the water for a picnic and a man with a gun has to accompany them.  Chantal tells Brad that Love is more than a feeling.  I think she might be hooked on a feeling....

They have dinner and the fantasy suite card comes out.  After agreeing to spending the night as a in harmony couple, Brad leads her into the bush to a tree house and says Ta Da!  I see several problems with this set up that mean I would have rejected this *fantasy*.  Where is the bathroom, where is the guy with the gun and what about the bugs.


Brad leads Emily into the bush and then says...oh wait, I forgot something and leaves her alone to be eaten by wild animals.  He comes back riding an elephant and she hops on board exclaiming Goodness Gracious! and that this is her dream come true!

Brad says that she's one in a million and that he lights up when he sees her.  They make out while watching baby elephants play in the water.

At dinner, Brad is visibly nervous and drinks a bunch of wine.  The fantasy suite card comes out and Emily starts to play innocent and is all...I'm a Mom and I have to set a good example for Little Ricki but ultimately she follows her loins and accepts.

They do not go to a tree house but to a very nice room.  She tells him that she's falling in love with him and he breaks the rules (again) and tells her that he is too.


Brad leads Ashley out into the bush to a waiting helicopter and Ashley loses her shit because she is afraid of heights.  Brad calms her down and they visit a place that is very beautiful, it's called God's Eyeball or something like that.  I'm sorry...that's not what it's called.  I hate Ashley and I wasn't paying attention.

They have a picnic and Brad asks her where she wants to live.  She talks about southern Maine and being near her sister.  She never mentions Austin Texas and you can see that this is upsetting Brad.  Hello Ashley...do you remember what show you are on?

Ashley explains that she is very driven and her Dentistry career is very important to her.  She has NOT read the Ali Fedotowsky dating handbook.  Dinner is going really badly....Brad admits that he's attracted to her and her energy but that their lives don't mesh.  He also refers to her as one in a million which is weird because EMILY is supposed to be one in a million.

She excepts the fantasuite card that I don't think should have been offered to her in the first place and they go on to have a very uncomfortable evening of uneasy silence.

Rose Ceremony: 

Brad stands before the three ladies and asks Ashley to please come talk with him.  He explains that they have bad miscommunication and that when he asked the tough questions he didn't really get answers. Ashley says that she's bad at expressing herself.  I beg to differ.   I think Ashley is an idiot and knew exactly what he was asking her.  She gave the answer....I'M NOT MOVING TO AUSTIN.  Hell!  She didn't even do her hair for the rose ceremony. Brad walks her to the curb.  Note: rumor is that she is going to be the NEXT Bachelorette.  I dislike this broad more than I disliked Jake.  I will not watch if she is the Bachelorette.  ABC...did you hear me?

Can I just say...all of these daisy duke shorts in the bush...doesn't seem appropriate. There is this thing called SAFARI WEAR and it includes long pants.

Chantal and Emily get roses and in two weeks they go to Capetown and meet HIS family!

Next Week: The Women Tell All


Did you watch my favorite show last night?  If you missed it...it's on BRAVO for your viewing pleasure.

Bethenny Ever After: 

I love Bethenny.  I was so thrilled when Bethenny found Jason and they got married and had a baby.  I feel like me and Bethenny could be friends.  I love her honest and ability to say what she thinks.  And she's damn funny!

I watched the premiere today and I have to say that I'm now in love with her Mother in Law too.  It's like iKeith and Jason are brothers.  The only son (kind of) with parents that he's close to and an umbilical cord that needs to be cut.  I can also relate to Bethenny and her crazy background.  We're like freakin twins!

I went through all of this...needing to be our own family and not share every single moment with his parents.  Arguing about how much time we spent with them and hurting people's feelings.  I'm used to being the bad guy.

Also...like Jason, iKeith professes his love for me when he's tipsy drunk too.  And like Bethenny...I need therapy.


  1. Wait. They were sitting in the truck looking at WHAT bush?

  2. I'm so with you on Ashley. Can't stand her. Didn't you get the feeling Brad was kind of asking her ... umm ... do you want to raise kids? And all she kept prattling on about was her career. Not to slam dentists too much but really ... who wants THAT job for the rest of their life???? I think I'd prefer Shantel's job. Don't listen to me. I'm still in pain from 2 hours of dental work this AM ...

    But no, I couldn't watch if she was the next Bachelorette. Her constant "like" and voice would drive me up the wall. And I honestly don't care if she ever finds love. I just wish she would find a waxer who doesn't hate her. Those eyebrows are awful.

    I taped Bettheny's show and hope to watch it tonight. Man, I love that woman. She is so freaking funny.

  3. YES! Brad just needed to come out and ask her...will you have kids?

    I'm so excited that you like Bethenny too!

  4. I have never heard of Bethenny but I don't think I get Bravo (damn budgets!). I will have to check :) As for this show....I left it feeling pissed off. Usually I am all happy and giddy but last night I was just pissed. Ashley bugs me to no end and I agree, she will be a Terrible Bachelorette. "Hello Ashley...do you remember what show you are on?" this is exactly what I said to my sister today. Has she not seen the show before?? She was all over the place and it had to be the most awkward final 3 date in Bachelor history. It may have been more awkward than Brits date back a few weeks ago! I hope he picks Emily but we shall see.

  5. I said the exact same things about the tree house: Where is the bathroom? What about the bugs? Ugh. No thank you. And I was thrilled to see Ashley go. Would NOT be thrilled for her to be the Bachelorette.

  6. Hearing that Ashley is the next Bachelorette stresses me out. I don't like her. I never have and I won't watch her either. It's ok. It will be one less show that I'll have to DVR.
    I want to marry Emily. She's perfect. I need to see a bad side or a PMS day or something.

    I'm not a Bethanny fan. =/ She beats me down and I don't like her voice.

  7. I said the same thing about the "tree house" - where the heck is the bathroom? Talk about getting to know each other better? you're going to when you have to watch their back for lions while they're peeing by a tree!

    I HATE Ashley too...she's just irritating. I will be on a Bachlorette boycott if she's the next one. COme on ABC - give it to Michelle. I want to see her craziness with a room full of men.

  8. Let me just start by saying, I do not watch the show - but Paul wanted to (weird) so I did. Emily drove me nuts. How could she even BE THERE? She clearly didn't even LIKE him. She never looked him in the eye. She was shocked to be cut?? Hello idiot. You were so happy to get out of there, don't even try to cry. He wanted a white picket fence and a barefoot, pregnant wife with a yummy dinner waiting at the end of the day. Emily was never that person. Glad he manned up and asked the "tough" questions so he didn't make an dumb@ss mistake. Barf I hate reality. LOL. Can't wait until next week. My vote is for the chick with the kid.

  9. Love Bethanny - I was kinda sad at how blunt she was with J's parents about visiting too much. I understand with her past this is something she is not used to, but for Bryn's sake.....

    Oh well- love the show and would rather watch it than get sucked into another RH show- Miami stinks!


  10. The treehouse looked like a nightmare date to me too!

    That whole date with Ashley was way too awkward for words too.

    I think he's head over heels with Emily and none of the other ones really had a chance.

  11. I have a friend that immigrated here from South Africa with her kids. She can tell stories that will make you weep. It is NOT a beautiful place. Or maybe it is a beautiful place with some seriously messed up people.

  12. I'm with you. I don't know if I can watch the Bachelorette if Ashley is going to be the next bachelorette. I'm not going to say I won't watch because I've said that before and we see what happened there. She annOys the hellz outta me. I don't think she has enough people who like her. Seems like a bad choice on ABC's part.

    I want Emily to end up with Brad SO bad...but I feel like something is going to happen. So, I'm not banking on it and I'm trying to emotionally prepare myself (i.e. stock up on adult beverages) for next week.

    What's this other show you speak of??

  13. This was my first season watching The Bachelor and I am LOVING IT! I can't wait for tomorrow night and to see who Brad picks next week. I think Chantal. I don't know if Emily really loves him... I do love her, though. I loved crazy Michelle, too. She was insane!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!