Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Bachelor Brad: Poking The Bear

Damn you Brad Womack! Three minutes into the show and you made me cry! I loved that he was so touched to see his family and that his emotions came out full force.

In my house....we were on two different teams. iKeith liked Chantal from show one and I just had a hunch that Brad was going to pick Emily. I picked Emily because I like to win...not because I wanted her to be with Brad.

I really think Chantal would have fit into his family and Brad seemed to fit into her family. I believe Chantal would have re-located in a heartbeat and would have moved heaven and earth to make things work. I don't think she'd have let a month go by without seeing him.

I think Brad is much more in love with Emily than Emily is in love with Brad.

I don't know Emily and I get the feeling we didn't get to know the REAL Emily on The Bachelor at all....perhaps the reality of leaving her daughter's extended family and starting a new life might be too much for her. She doesn't strike me as a risk taker.

Do you remember if Brad ever asked HER if she'd be willing to move to Austin? I honestly can't remember it coming up. To me...it's assumed that you'll move. I don't know why anyone would go on this show if they didn't plan on moving to the Bachelor's home town.  I hope the winner of Ashley H's season is willing to move to Maine.

I really hope that Brad and Emily work out....but I don't have a good feeling about it.

"You're so much more to me than a leap of faith. You're the one. You're my once in a lifetime. I'm asking you to give me your forever. Please let me be your best friend, let me protect you and your beautiful daughter and please give me the opportunity to love you for the rest of your life,"


  1. I saw a spoiler on Twitter so then I didn't even watch the show. But from what I've read it seems like they are doomed to be yet another disastrous Bachelor couple.

  2. Dang Twitter! I saw a spoiler half way through the show...but I kept it to myself and didn't ruin it for my husband.

  3. Yeah - I think we didnt see the "real" Emily. I think she needs some counseling about loosing her first love. I think its going to destroy this relationship. She's already sabatoging it.

    I totally agree - Brad seems WAY more in love with her then she is him. Which is sad... because I think its amazing he's so willing & EXCITED about becoming that little girls "dad"

    At the end of the show, I was like, "they're going to make it!!" - then the ATFR & I was like - "So much for happily ever after" ... sad...

  4. I know right! I went to bed totally dejected. I like Emily a lot during the show....but now all I like is her new hair color.

  5. I've liked Emily from the beginning but I genuinely feel like she was never really as into Brad as he was her and ultimately I'm kind of surprised he picked her. I didn't think he was ready to have an instant family.

    I don't think it's going to work, I do think he'll fight for her, but I don't think he's going to win. And why would you say you're not going to move to Austin? Isn't that like an unspoken rule? If you sign up and win you're moving - duh!

    I'm excited Ashley H is the new bachelorette.

  6. Maybe she is ready for a new start. I would imagine the last five or so years of her life have been eat up with loss. Sometimes that's hard to move on from.

  7. Everyone I knew wanted Emily to win.

  8. I like winning too so i picked emily in my fantasy bachelor game. i kind of wished he picked chantal, shes way hot in a real way and came from good people. Dont get me wrong, in my fantasy world I would look just like emily, but chantal is real.

  9. I was in total shock during that show. It was like she was a different person (I did like her hair too though). His face was painful to look at during the after the rose show. I felt badly for him. I do hope they make it but agree that it is not looking good :(

  10. Everything was perfect in my eyes until After the Final Rose. I saw and heard things that I didn't like. I'm willing to bet some serious cash (like $5) that they break up within 4 months. He has anger issues. She has insecurity issues. It's just not going to work long distance.

  11. I TOTALLY agree with you that he is far more in love with her than she is with him. I thought that was really obvious. I suspect she's hesitant to leave her cushy home from the Hendrick's family and take a chance on a guy who clearly has more of an anger issue than they even let on.

  12. I thought that was the sweetest, most geniune proposal I've ever heard! It made me cry. I cried during several moments on Monday and Tuesday night.

    I'm OK w/ the fact that Em and Brad aren't getting along. That's real life. I think they'll work through things and be married one day. I have faith in them!! I hope they don't prove me wrong. I really love them together.


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