Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Bachelor Brad: Women Pick on Michelle

I don't have a lot to say about the women tell all show.   I missed a big chunk of it because of family drama which I hope to god can finally be over now.  Some of you know what I'm referring to. 

I have more drama in my life than an episode of The Bachelor!  It includes someone that drinks too much, someone that hates me and someone that's telling vicious lies about me.  My husband who has played the role of Chris Harrison...has finally agreed that these relationships are toxic and harmful to me, our children and him.

Of all of the things this guy has hope for...he picked the hopeless!

Okay...back to the show!

It seemed like a lot of the girls were picking on Michelle and maybe she deserved some of it but you also have to remember that she's on a reality show!  I think the producers find the controversial person in the group and encourage them to make remarks.  She was good at it because of her brand of humor and that's good TV people.

Now...the girl (i think her name was Stacy) that was criticizing her parenting.  Was completely out of line.  It is unacceptable, rude and uncalled for to judge anyone's parenting unless you are directly involved (you are the CHILD) or a parent yourself.  And even then...unless she knows Michelle and her daughter personally (which Stacy doesn't) then she should shut the hell up.

Wow...I might not have just been talking to Stacy there.

I loved seeing Brad look so relaxed talking to the girls and about who he has picked.  She's changed his life.  I'll be happy with either outcome and I actually have no idea who he's going to go with.

The outtakes from the show were hilarious!!  I laughed so hard at the naked guy on the beach!  Can you imagine?  I wonder where they were when that was filmed?

So who do you think Brad will pick?  Chantal or Emily?


  1. I was annoyed by the Women Tell All show, I really think that should come AFTER the finale, but whatevs. No one cares what I think, especially ABC.

    I honestly thought up until last night that he was going to choose Chantal, mostly because I don't believe Emily is in love with him, but last night for some reason I changed my mind. I don't think he's as into Chantal as she is into him and I can't imagine her being "life changing".

    Boo, hiss at real life drama. Maybe you should approach ABC about your own reality show???

  2. I have NO clue who he's gonna pick. But I'm really sorry about your drama. I think you should have your own show. At least make some $$ off that crap, right?!

  3. I have no clue, but I can't wait to hear it from you!

  4. The naked guy on the beach had me spewing water outta my nose...especially when Brad was saying that stuff about "acting like you're holding the sun" and puttin his junk as the sun. LOL

    I think those shots are coming up on next weeks finale.

    There was SO much drama last night (sorry you've been dealing with your own...(hugs).

    I know this is CRAZY for me to say, but I almost felt back for Michelle last night. They were being so hard on her. I think she was honestly hurt by the things they were accusing her of. It was kinda sad.

    I'm still pulling for Emily, but I will be happy either way.

  5. I couldn't agree with you more about Michelle. I am not a fan, but going after her parenting was wrong, wrong, wrong. Emily did the same thing anyhow. Why would that be different? It's not, and neither one of those moms deserve to have their parenting put up for questioning.

    Now on the subject of who will win...I really thought Emily but they are working so hard to slant it that way, that I'm actually starting to wonder if he's going to pick Chantal? Or maybe that's reverse psychology at work here. Oh heck, I have NO idea!

  6. Not to mention Ms. Stacy, who are you to talk about how someone should parent when you yourself are not a parent. I love how people without kids, love to tell people with kids what they are doing wrong! Go have some kids Stacy and then we will talk B*T&#. She is from New England, what a disgrace ;) I really felt badly for Michelle, they would not stop and she was SOBBING. As for who he picks, I too am at a loss. I like them both so it is a win win and it was nice to see him so happy! The bigger question for me is who is going to be the next bachelorette. I think Ms. Ashley was trying very hard to secure that role last night! Oh and why the heck didn't the other Shantel speak?? That was weird! She was in the final 4, she deserved more air time than the rest of them!!!

  7. I was feeling so bad for Michelle Money last night even though I don't like her. Those girls were mean and relentless. <---ha! Get it?

    Ok..anyway, I HOPE he picks Emily. PLEASE let him pick Emily. She's been my pick since the first episode and I don't want him to break her little sweet as pie heart.

  8. I hope he picks Emily. But, since I said that, he will pick kissy-face Chantal. They both seem ok, but Emily needs a good father for her child and he seems to be a good man for the job - since I think that's why he gave whats-he-face from last week the boot. She wasn't interested in his white-picket-fence-and-house-full-of kids-in-Texas idea.


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